Application of LS182 Window Tint Detector in Lamp-Box Fabric Industry

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Lamp-box fabric is everywhere in our lives, such as billboards.Lamp-box fabric is usually used in front of major banks and shops to add a touch of prosperity to the city at dark nights.So how exactly is the lamp-box fabric made?
     The lamp-box fabric is made by uniformly coating or rolling the PVC slurry or powder on the surface of the base cloth by a doctor blade method or a calendering method.Then making it into a whole by drying and other processes. So what are the characteristics of a good lamp-box fabric?

Lamp-box fabric

  1. Impermeability, tensile strength and peel resistance

  2. Strong color fastness,if the color fastness is not good,the lamp-box fabric will easily change color.

  3. Strong ink absorption,color saturation directly determines the appearance color of lamp-box fabric.

  4. Stitching ability,the light cloth with poor splicing ability is not safe and will affect the overall situation

  5. Ability to block ultraviolet rays and infrared rays.

  6. Among the characteristics of the above lamp-box fabric,the ability to block ultraviolet rays is very important.We know that ultraviolet rays in the sun can age our skin and other materials. Most of the lamp-box fabric is outdoor,so the UV resistance of the lamp-box fabric directly determines the service life of the lamp-box fabric.Therefore,we usually use a window tint detector to detect the anti-ultraviolet effect of lamp-box fabric.

So why measure the infrared rejection rate? We know that most of the heat in sunlight comes from infrared rays.If a material has a good effect of blocking infrared rays,then the heat insulation effect of this material must be good.

Linshang LS182 window tint detector was originally used to measure the visible light transmittance of the solar film with a peak wavelength of 550nm,the ultraviolet rejection rate of the peak wavelength of 365nm and the infrared rejection rate of the full infrared band.Due to its accurate measurement data and wide range of applications,this instrument is also commonly used in lamp-box fabric detection.This window tint detector has the following features:
   light transmittance meter.                                                                                

LS182 Window Tint Detector

  1. It has a wide range of applications and can be used to measure lamp-box fabric, solar film, architectural film, heat insulation film and other materials.

  2. This window tint detector can measure 6 parameters,UV,visible light,infrared 940nm,infrared 1400nm, Full IR, SHGC

  3. This window tint detector uses a parallel light design,which is equally accurate for measuring large thickness test materials.

  4. The instrument uses a large LCD screen display, UV and IR rejection rates can be displayed directly for easy reading.

  5. The instrument has a real-time dynamic self-calibration function,automatic calibration is easy to use after booting.

Linshang LS182 window tint detector has accurate measurement data and wide applications. It is suitable for testing the blocking and transmission of ultraviolet,infrared and visible light of various films,lamp-box fabric and stick-film glass.