Difference between LS182 and WP4500 Window Energy Profiler

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Our Linshang LS182 window tint meter (also solar film transmission meter) and EDTM WP4500 Window Energy Profiler can both display four real-time measurements values of glass: the estimated SHGC value along with the UV, Visible Light, and Infrared Transmittance(Rejection) values.

Window Energy Profiler

There are many window tint meters in Linshang Technology,which includes portable, split, and desktop-style. Among the many window tint meters, LS182 is the most comprehensive one. Besides, LS182 Solar Film Transmission Meter can test multiple parameters, as show below:

LS182 solar film transmission meter

365nm UV rejection rate
550nm visible light transmittance
950nm,1400nm and full waveband infrared rejection rate
SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient)

        In addition to Linshang Technology , there is another popular instrument WP4500 Window Energy Profiler can also be used to test multiple parameters, the parameters of these two instruments are as follows:

Model UV Visible light Infrared Others Unit Price
Linshang LS182 365nm 550nm 950nm/1400nm/full IR SHGC $270
EDTM WP4500 365nm 400-700nm 950nm SHGC $799

      Linshang Technology focused on the window tint meter industry has more than 12 years of history, in China, there are many window film, insulating glass manufacturers are our customers. Of course, we will not stop there. If you have any comments and suggestions about our window tint meters, please don’t hesitate. We hope that we can combine more customer suggestions to continuously improve the quality of our products and services.



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