What is Dry Film Thickness Gauge?

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1.What is dry film thickness gauge?

Dry film thickness gauge is an instrument for measuring dry film thickness on metal or non-metal substrates. After obtaining the thickness,it can be compared with the standard thickness generally recognized by the measured object.

Some dry film thickness gauges only show measured values.Other models can store hundreds of data and send the data to a computer for analysis.Dry film thickness is important in the coatings industry because it is a decisive factor for the quality,reliability and service life of coating products.

Many types of dry film thickness gauges can measure the thickness of a dry film as long as the suitable measurement method is used. According to the specifications of the Protective Coatings Association (SSPC), ASTM International or the International Organization for Standardization (ISO),destructive or nondestructive measurements can be used for dry film thickness measurement.

Dry film thickness gauge has always been an important tool to ensure that the coating thickness is within the acceptable range.Modern technology has helped dry film thickness gauge manufacturers to produce smaller,more versatile dry film thickness gauges.These features make measurements easier,faster and more accurate.

Each measurement method has different types of dry film thickness gauges-nondestructive magnetic induction measurement,ultrasonic measurement,eddy current measurement.Micrometers and paint gauges (PIG) are two instruments that use destructive thickness measurement methods.

2.Selecting the right dry film thickness gauge needs to consider the following:

  • Coating / substrate combination

  • substrate thickness

  • Range

  • Precision

  • price

  • Other functions required for measurement, such as Bluetooth

3.In order to obtain accurate measurement results,the following points need to be paid attention to when using dry film thickness gauge

LS221 dry film thickness gauge

LS221 Dry Film Thickness Gauge

  • Measure near the edge of the hole or coating surface,do not measure on soft or partially cured coatings

  • The probe must be kept clean.Dust and other foreign objects can prevent the probe from making real contact with the coated surface

  • When measuring, the probe should be pressed vertically on the coating surface.Measure quickly, do not tilt or shake when holding the instrument.

  • Consider environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures,as changes in temperature can affect instrument readings.There are also a few electronic thickness gauges in the research and development process,which reduces the impact of the external environment on the instrument measurement.For example,Linshang LS221 dry film thickness gauge with temperature compensation function can be used at minus 20 degree for a long time. Ensure measurement accuracy at different temperatures.