UV Energy Meter Operation,Principle and Unit Conversion

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I.What is UV energy meter?

An UV energy meter is simply an instrument for measuring ultraviolet energy. There are two main types of instruments for measuring UV energy on the market: UV energy meters and UV light meters. The UV energy meter we usually refer to refers to the instrument used for ultraviolet curing energy detection. The spectral range of ultraviolet rays that can usually be measured is 250-410nm and the peak wavelength of different UV energy meters may be different.

II.UV Energy Meter Usage and Choice

UV energy meter can be divided into mercury lamp UV energy meter and LED UV energy meter according to different measurement bands. Let's take Linshang LS120 UV energy meter as an example to understand how to use the instrument:

  1. ress the "power" button to turn on the instrument (the latest measurement data will be displayed after turning on the power)

  2. efore starting a new test, press the "power" button and select "YES" to start the test. The "Run" on the instrument indicates that the test is in progress.

  3. oint the probe on the back of the instrument to the light source and the UV energy meter will display the measurement data.

  4. ress the "power" button on the right to stop the test. The instrument will display the energy value, power maximum value and temperature maximum value. Press "SELECT" to switch the interface.

For the specific instrument usage, you can refer to the following video:

III.UV energy meters for different light sources

1. Mercury lamp UV energy meter

The spectral response range of Linshang LS120 and LS130UV energy meters is 315nm-400nm and the peak wavelength is 365nm. The two UV energy meters are mainly used to measure the intensity of ultraviolet light in high-pressure mercury lamps, halogen lamps and other light sources. It is also suitable for the measurement of UV intensity and energy on UV curing lamps, printing machines, exposure machines, UV dryers and other equipment.

Disc-shaped design
Sampling speed: 2048 times/second
Probe is on the back of the instrument
Measure temperature
Model: LS120
Rectangular design
Sampling speed: 2048 times/second
Probe is on the front of the instrument
Model: LS130

2. LED light source UV energy meter

Linshang LS128 and LS131UV energy meters have a spectral response range of 340nm-420nm and the instrument is calibrated at 395nm LED light source. These two instruments are mainly used to detect the power value and energy value of ultraviolet UV LED light source. At the same time, it can be used to measure UV LED light sources in various bands such as 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm.

Disc-shaped design
Sampling speed: 2048 times/second
Probe is on the back of the instrument
Measure temperature
Model: LS128
Rectangular design
Sampling speed: 2048 times/second
Probe is on the front of the instrument
Model: LS131

3. Characteristics of Linshang UV energy meter

  1. Linshang Technology as a famous Chinese UV energy meter supplier, have developed various types of UV energy meters. Whether you need to test the high pressure mercury lamp or LED light sources, or you need the probe on the front or back of the instrument, there will always be one type for you.

  2. The Linshang UV energy meter has a powerful intelligent statistical function, which can measure energy value, power maximum value, maximum temperature value, measurement duration, real-time power value, real-time temperature value.

  3. Linshang UV energy meter adopts high temperature design with built-in heat insulation sheet, the instrument can be operated in a 100 degree Celsius environment for a long time.

  4. The built-in capacity of the Linshang UV energy meter is relatively large and the stored data will not be lost due to power failure. The instrument will automatically display the last measurement data when it is turned on.  Delete the data manually if you need.

  5. The data acquisition speed of Linshang UV energy meter is 2048 times / sec. The high-speed acquisition speed ensures the measurement accuracy. The test report can be printed out with the computer software equipped with the instrument. 

IV.UV Energy Meter Principle and Unit Conversion

1. Measurement principle of UV energy meter

The weak current signal of the UV energy meter is converted into a digital signal through an ADC analog-to-digital conversion chip. The digital signal is collected and adjusted by the software after the single chip microcomputer. We first measured the UV power and obtained the UV energy by integrating the UV power with respect to time. If you need to ensure measurement accuracy, the acquisition speed must be fast enough, at least 1000 times per second. The Linshang UV energy meter collects data as fast as 2048 times per second.

2. Unit conversion of UV energy meter

International general energy units are GJ, MJ, KJ and J / joule. We generally use J / m² and mJ / cm² to express the unit of energy:

1J / cm² = 1000mJ / cm² = 1000000uJ / cm²

1J / m² = 1000mJ / m² = 1000000uJ / m²

1J / m² = 0.1mJ / cm²

Conversion of UV intensity unit:

1W / m² = 10³ mW / m² = 106uW / m²

1W / m² = 1000mW / 10000 cm² = 0.1mW / cm² = 100 uW / cm²

Linshang UV energy meter is not only a leader in the industry, especially for UV LED energy meter, but also created the industry's first:

The first professional UV energy meter for UV LED light source testing.

The first wide-range UV energy meter with a range of 40W / cm².

The first UV energy meter for wide spectrum (340nm-420nm).

The first UV energy meter that simultaneously measures temperature and power and can display process curves.



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