Why do We use a Gloss Meter to Measure Gloss?

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1. What is gloss meter?

  Gloss meters typically measure the gloss of paint, coatings and shiny surfaces from reflection angles of 20 degrees, 60 degrees and 85 degrees. When selecting the correct angle for gloss measurement, it is important to consider the gloss range of the measured object surface.Gloss meter can be used to measure the gloss of smooth, treated or untreated surface, such as stone, wood, furniture, floor, etc. Therefore, the gloss meter is a versatile tool for practical measurement.

2. Why do we use a gloss meter to measure gloss?

Good gloss outer packaging enhances the value of the product and makes the product look more upscale. In fact, a large number of examples have shown that the product gloss affects consumers as much as the color. However, in food packaging, gloss not only maximizes product appeal to customers, but also plays a vital role in ensuring consumer safety. For example, if the gloss of UV varnishes is reduced during the production of food packaging, curing problems may exist. Inks, paints and coatings on packaging can rub, chip and peel, contaminating food inside the packaging. However, by using a gloss meter to monitor the gloss of food packaging during the production process, problems such as these can be detected early, thereby avoiding the loss of repainting or recalling products.
     In addition to packaging, gloss meterscan also be used to materials, parts and the product itself. Gloss meters provide quality control professionals with a quick and easy way to evaluate the surface characteristics of products. For manufacturers producing high-volume products, the gloss meter is a particularly convenient instrument. When products are mass produced, a gloss meter must be used to verify that the color and gloss of each product are the same. This is the general expectation of customers. Many factors affect the surface gloss, such as the amount and type of coating, smoothness of polishing and substrate quality. By using a gloss meter and applying good quality control practices, you can ensure that these variables do not affect the customer's perception of the product.

Linshang gloss meters

Use Linshang professional 60 degree portable gloss meter to quickly, easily and accurately assess gloss changes. Thousands of quality control professionals rely on Linshang portable gloss meters to evaluate the standards and safety of their products. Linshang gloss meter is a portable instrument suitable for carrying around and measuring gloss on the spot.



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