The Maintenance of Linshang Gloss Meter

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Linshang Technology is a gloss meter manufacturer, LS191 and LS192 gloss meter is used to measure the flux of visible light, illumination and brightness of the all kinds of materials. High gloss surface is generally measured by a 20 degrees angle gloss meter, and low gloss surface is generally measured by 75 degrees angle gloss meter. 60-degree angle gloss meter is universal for many industries. Large angle gloss meter is not suitable for measuring high gloss materials, but as long as the measuring range is large enough, it's no problem to test high gloss materials, generally The measurement range of LS192 gloss meter is 0-1000GU, so this one can test both high gloss and low gloss materials.

gloss meter

How to maintain the gloss meter?

  1. Store the Calibration Holder in a clean place after removing from the meter to prevent the standard from contaminating.

  2. Before storing and using, clean the meter and the standard, and use the clean special lens cloth to remove the contaminants. As surface of the standard is very precise, make sure there are no fine particles on the lens cloth to avoid damage of the standard.

  3. Do not insert any object into the meter for cleaning, as it will damage the meter and influence the measuring accuracy.

  4. If the meter is not used over half a year, Please charge the meter to avoid the battery is excessively discharged and damaged.

  5. Avoid to contact the corrosive agents and keep away from high temperature and high humidity environment.

  6. Put the meter in the specialized package after powering off and keep it in a safe place.

  7. The calibration period is suggested to be one year and the company provides calibration service.

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