Principle of Specular Gloss Measurement

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Gloss is an important parameter affecting the appearance and quality of the products. Manufacturers tend to control the product gloss in the stipulated gloss range. We can find the gloss difference through our naked eye. But it is not enough for the manufacturers. Manufacturers usually use the professional glossiness measurement device-gloss meter. After measurement, gloss meter can display the gloss value in the instrument interface in digital form. Through the measured gloss value, manufactuers can analyze the gloss consistency. Some advanced glossiness measurement device can even calculate the standard deviation gloss value. The standard deviation value can help analyze the gloss uniformity of the test sample. The smalled the standard deviation gloss value, the more uniform of the product gloss. But actually most of the lampshade material is translucent, or a rough surface, this kinds of lampshade can diffuse the light, and the light will be scattered from various angle after passing through the lampshade to avoid shining into the human eye. If a light transmittance meter using the principle of regular transmission is used to measure its light transmittance, the measured value will be much lower than the true light transmittance value, because it cannot receive scattered light.

1. Glossiness measurement

Under specified light source and the receiver angle, Glossiness means: the ratio=Reflected light flux in the specular direction of the sample /Reflected light flux in the specular direction of standard glossiness plate.

In the geometric angle of 60 degrees, and the refractive index is 1.567 of the polished black glass,Define the polished black glass's glossiness as 100GU(Gloss Unit)

LS191 and LS192 60-degree angle gloss meters
LS191 and LS192 60-degree angle gloss meters

2. What is glossiness measurement?

So glossiness measurement is comparison measure method that under the same conditions, with respect to the standard glossiness plate, to test the samples. In the same condition, means the incidence angle is certain, and the default light source is stable, with prescribed conditions beam to irradiate sample (or the standard plate) Receive the reflected light beam in a specified condition in the specular direction.

3. Linshang 60 degree gloss meter

Linshang gloss meter use the 60 degree measurement angle. This glossiness measurement device is suitable for measuring the gloss of various materials. It can measure the gloss of various flat products such as metal, marble, paper, plastic, leather and so on. It has a wide range of applications. Linshang Technology provides LS191 and LS192 two 60-degree angle gloss meters.

(1) Data statistics function

The Linshang glossiness measurement device can automatically count the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation values

(2) Temperature compensation function

The value is stable and there is no need for calibration in short time.

(3) Computer software

Users can connect the gloss meter to the software and set the upper and lower limits. The glossiness measurement can be performed on the computer in auto mode or on the gloss meter in manual mode.

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