How to Select Micro-gloss

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Micro-gloss is widely applied for measure the gloss of various materials, are demand by most industry fields. There are many kinds of micro-gloss, needless to say worldwide manufactures,just domestic products, there are a variety of brands, all kinds of models, are known as the national first class  accuracy, in the purchase process, easy to get on the choice syndrome. So what should be paied attention to selection of micro-gloss?Let’s make a list according user’s experience as follows:

1) The standard plate must be well protected
       The micro-gloss measurement must be referred to the gloss data of the standard plate. If the standard plate is not accurate, the instrument will not be accurate. We know standard plate very easily to be defaced ,So standard plate must should be well protected. usually standard plate should be embedded in the specialized base, to avoid external contamination and scratches.
       The standard plate of
LS192 micro-gloss is designed in the special base which with arrow indicator and magnetic force. very easily to put back into the base and keep in the holder base while no in use.

2) The instrument must has autodiagnostic function to check standard plate whether defaced. 
       If the standard board is defaced, instrument can automatically recognize and prompt the user to clean . Otherwise, the calibration error makes all the measured data be inaccurate.
       For LS192 micro-gloss,If the instrument  auto diagnosed met errors, the Autodiagnosis  result will show “Please clean standard”.

3) Whether instrument has temperature compensation function
       Principle of micro-gloss is with a light source and a receiver to measure the reflected light flux of surface. If ambient temperature changed after the instrument been adjusted, which leads to the change of the luminous efficiency of the light source, the error of the luminous efficiency of the light source will be directly reflected in the measured data. If there is temperature compensation function, the change of luminous efficiency can be compensated, and the luminous efficiency of the light source is constant.

LS192 gloss meter

For LS192 micro-gloss,if environment temperature underwent great changes,  While  instrument temperature and ambient temperature tends to be similar, and confirm  measure optical lens and the standard plate on the holder has no condensation, then reboot measurement.
       To rule out the above reasons, reput the main device back to the holder, the instrument repeat autodiagnosis, if the fault is excluded, the display "OK", into the self calibration mode. Otherwise short press "power" button to manually enter the self calibration mode.

4) Stability, consistency and accuracy of the instrument
       These index are the embodiment of the core technology for an instrument. For the national grade 1 measurement accuracy, some manufacturers just propaganda or the prototype can be achieved, but hardly ensure in mass production. At the time of purchase, the seller is required to promised ,or buyers may send to authorized national measurement institutes for verification certificate. 
       LS192 micro-gloss declare meet the national grade 1 measurement accuracy. The products obtained verification certificate issued from SCM(South China National Center Of Metrology Guangdong Institute Of Metrology), you may send to any  authorized national measurement institutes for verify.



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