Common Use Errors of Gloss Measurement

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Common Use Errors of Gloss Measurement

       1: Light leakage causes gloss measurement error.
       The be measured surface must covered the measuring aperture, the light spot of
LS192 mirror gloss meter is 9mm*15mm, i.e. The be measured area must bigger than 9mm*15mm, and surface should be flat. For small size surface, Small aperture mirror gloss meter is recommended.

gloss meter

       2.Use ordinary paper towels and cloth to clean the standard plate.
       Strict cleanliness of standards plate is a must, ordinary paper towels and cloth is not up to the standard plate cleanliness requirements. Must use the enclosed special lens cloth or advanced lens paper to clean the standard plate.
       The holder removed from the main device should be kept in a safe and clean place to prevent from damage or pollution.

       3.Immediately gloss measure in temperature rapidly changed environment. 
       When the meter is taken from a cold location to a hot environment, (For example, in winder, from outside to inside room ) moisture condensation occurs easily. If so don't use the meter any more and wait for the moisture to evaporate. 
       Since big temperature difference between environment and the meter would badly affect measuring accuracy. In this case please wait for a period of time till the temperature get to a balance and then calibrate the meter again.If measurement operation last a long time, for example an hour or more, it's necessary to recalibrate the meter.

       4.Gloss measurement under strong light
       All the optical instruments, as far as possible to avoid the influence of outside light, when stray light through the gloss meter and measured the contact surface of the sample into the gloss meter ,stray light will affect the instrument measuring accuracy.
        If necessary, especially under strong light, shade it with a piece of light-tight cloth.
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