What is the Difference between Linshang New and Old LS163 Window Tint Detectors?

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Some customers who consulted the window tint detector some time ago will ask: What is the difference between the Linshang new window tint detector and the traditional window tint detector ? Customers don't know much about our new LS163 window tint detector , we will introduce this product below.
      Linshang LS163 window tint detector is a portable instrument (146mm * 73mm * 24mm). This instrument can measure the transmittance of visible light, the rejection rate or transmittance of ultraviolet and infrared respectively. The instrument is very suitable for the optical properities testing of solar film, stick-film glass, PC material, window glass and so on.
      Linshang LS163 series window tint detector is divided into LS163 and LS163A. These two instruments are intuitively distinguished by appearance, that is, the different colors. LS163 is gray and LS163A is blue. The main difference between LS163 and LS163A is that the infrared measurement band is different. LS163 window tint detector test the infrared band at 940nm, while LS163A window tint detector test the infrared band at 1400nm. These two bands are more representative. Most of the decalescence film has a better blocking effect at the 940nm infrared and the magnetron reflection film has a better blocking effect on the 1400nm infrared. Please choose the appropriate instrument according to your own film !

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So what is the difference between this window tint detector and the traditional old products? The main points are as follows:

  1. Linshang LS163 and LS163A are portable window tint detectors. The test slot of this instrument is 6mm and has LCD display.=

  2. The LCD interface of the traditional window tint detector cannot be rotated, while the LCD interface of the LS163 and LS163A window tint detectors rotates 360 °. The instrument can be used in a variety of measurement occasions and the data is easy to read.

  3. Traditional instruments do not have the function of setting the rejection rate or transmittance. The customers can set the rejection rate or transmittance according to their habits when measuring infrared and ultraviolet with LS163 series window tint detectors.

  4. This instrument can be set to display the transmittance parameter VLT separately.

Linshang LS163 / LS163A window tint detectors adopt LCD dot matrix screen with backlight, which can be used without light. This window tint detector has more selectivity when measuring data, which is convenient for users.



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