Why is the Data of Linshang UV Power Puck Different from Others?

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Linshang UV power puck is mainly divided according to the type of measured light source. LS120 and LS130 UV power pucks are mainly used to detect ultraviolet light sources such as high-pressure mercury lamps and halogen lamps, while LS128 and LS131 are mainly used to detect UVLED light sources. After purchasing our instrument, a customer compared the test data with the UV power puck they sent to the Chinese National Metrology Institute before and found that the data is significantly different. What is the reason for this? Below we will give you detailed answers.

  1. First of all, we can ensure that the data of Linshang LS120 and LS130 UV power pucks are adjusted according to the national standards of UV high-pressure mercury lamps.

  2. The technical requirements for ultraviolet radiation intensity and energy measurement in the country are ± 15%. It means that the difference between the displayed value of the UV power puck and the standard value is within ± 15% in compliance with national standards. Two different instruments meet the standards at the same time, but there is a large difference in data.

  3. In the test report issued by the Chinese National Metrology Institute, the standard value, displayed value, indicated value error and correction coefficient are indicated. The indicated value error is the precision we often say. The error shown in a qualified UV power puck test report should be less than 15 %. But in fact, even if the indication error exceeds the national standard, the Metrology Institute will still issue a test report.

    UV power puck calibration report

  4. The LS128 and LS131 UV power pucksare professionally used to detect UVLED light sources. At present, there is no uniform standard for UVLED radiation intensity and energy measurement. Therefore, UV power puck manufacturers calibrate their data according to their own standards. 

If you buy Linshang LED UV power puck for measuring LED light source, we do not promise to keep the same with the data of other manufacturers. In an LED light source industry without a uniform standard, the consistency and stability of UV power puck data is the most significant.



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