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Linshang paint thickness tester , developed and manufactured by Linshang Technology, can quickly and accurately measure the thickness of coating on metal substrate without damage.
      The paint thickness tester is used to measure the coating thickness on the object surface. The principle of paint thickness tester is generally divided into four types: ultrasonic thickness measurement, magnetic thickness measurement, eddy current thickness measurement and isotope thickness measurement. Among them: (1) Magnetic thickness measurement refers to that when measuring the magnetic resistance of various magnetically permeable materials, the measured value will change due to the thickness of the non-magnetically permeable coating on the surface. With this change, the thickness of the cover layer can be measured. It is often used to determine the thickness of aluminum sprayed layers, electroplated layers, phosphating layers, paint layers, etc. on ferromagnetic metal surfaces. (2) Eddy current thickness measurement refers to that when a probe coil carrying a high-frequency current is placed on the measured metal surface, an eddy current is generated in the metal due to the high-frequency magnetic field and the magnetic field generated by this eddy current acts on the probe coil. Its impedance changes, the amount of change is related to the distance of the probe coil from the metal surface (that is, the thickness of the cover layer), so the thickness of the metal surface cover layer can be indirectly measured according to the change of the probe coil impedance. Commonly used to determine the thickness of the oxide film on aluminum or other insulating coatings on the surface of aluminum and copper.
paint thickness testerLS220H combines magnetic thickness measurement and eddy current thickness measurement principle. In the automatic identification (Fe / NFe) mode, the instrument can automatically switch the substrate. Today, Linshang LS220H paint thickness tester has been widely used in the marine, aerospace and steel structure coating industries.

Linshang LS220H paint thickness tester

Linshang paint thickness tester LS220H is produced in strict accordance with the corresponding national standards. Its products are based on four standards: GB / T 4956-2003, GB / T 4957-2003, DIN EN ISO 2808 and JJG-818-2005. The instrument has good repeatabilityand accurate measurement data. It can pass the national metrological testing. The LS220H paint thickness gauge is a dual-use instrument for both iron and aluminum. It can intelligently identifies the measurement substrate and quickly and automatically converts. It uses an advanced digital probe to maintain zero position stability and the test data is stable after multiple test at the same position. It is precisely because of the obvious advantages of the Linshang paint thickness tester that it can stand out from other similar products and become the customer's first choice.
     Linshang bears the determination to fight for the revitalization of national brands. It is committed to the independent research and development of various measuring instruments such as paint thickness testers, glass thickness gauges, etc., In order to produce and sell China's best and most popular inspection instrument is our responsibility. Linshang Technology tried its best to make Linshang products better and more intimate to serve customers and meet customer needs.