Application of Coating Thickness Tester in Different Fields

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The coating thickness tester is not a partial door product and is used in daily production. At the same time, in order to create a good application environment, if the correct operation mode can be maintained, the product life can be extended. As a dry film thickness gauge that integrates precision and technology, regardless of how much the coating thickness tester needs, from the perspective of its function, users do not want to frequently repair or replace it to reduce work efficiency. For this reason, choose a reliable coating thickness tester is especially important.

coating thickness tester

LS220 electronic thickness gauge measure car paint thickness

1.Application of coating thickness testers in the automotive industry

In terms of mass production and new model development, the measurement of film thickness is a key parameter of coating commissioning. The film thickness accuracy of metallic paints BC1, BC2 and varnish CC is crucial to the improvement of appearance quality and control of color difference Importantly, in advanced coating production lines, a coating thickness tester can be used to quickly measure the layer film thickness. Among them, the electroplating coating thickness tester provides the measurement of metal coating thickness and can analyze the electroplating solution at the same time. It not only has superior performance, but also has a low price. Compared with other brands of the same configuration machines, this advanced coating thickness tester can greatly save users cost.

In order to ensure that the coating thickness tester can be used in the automotive industry without any errors, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the coating thickness tester. Many high-tech equipment have relatively strict requirements for humidity. Coating thickness testers are no exception. In order to make it have a longer service life for buyers, controlling humidity according to relevant requirements is a necessary requirement. And special measures such as anti-corrosion, dust removal, moisture resistance, and shock resistance must be adopted when necessary.

2.Application of coating thickness tester in petrochemical pipelines

Pipeline safety in the petrochemical industry is very important. Its quality and safety need everyone's attention, especially the protective measures should be well done. The measurement with a coating thickness tester can avoid the problems of explosion in high temperature and high pressure environment. Petrochemical pipelines generally have a relatively thick anticorrosive layer. Users in the petrochemical industry will tend to use coating thickness testers specifically for thick coatings. Using magnetic principle coating thickness testers can accurately measure a variety of protective layers, even the thickness of various anticorrosive coatings in the chemical petroleum industry The coating thickness tester can get accurate measurement results non-destructively.

LS223 coating thickness tester

LS223 dry film thickness gauge measure coating thickness

There are many types of coating thickness testers. We have mastered the correct use methods and then take appropriate measures. Users can choose a suitable coating thickness tester according to the needs of different industries, thereby improving work efficiency and ensuring product safety performance.



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