What Materials can be Measured by the Painting Thickness Meter?

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Painting thickness meter , also known as coating thickness gauge, is a series of products launched continuously by Linshang Technology in 2018 and 2019. Mainly used for coating thickness test after various surface treatments. This month, Linshan staff  went to Shanghai to participate in a three-day surface treatment exhibition. During the exhibition, the painting thickness meter attracted many visitors to stop by. Visitors in the industry have stated that there is a need for thickness testing, but the test materials and substrate types are different. What kind of material is the painting thickness meter suitable for?

First of all, we would like to explain the measurement principle. Linshang painting thickness meter uses two measuring principles: Hall effect and eddy current. The Hall effect is generally suitable for testing non-magnetic metal coatings on ferromagnetic metal substrate, while eddy current is suitable for non-conductive coating thickness testing on non-magnetic metal substrates.

Ferromagnetic metal substrate refers to the magnetic metal that we often say, such as common iron and steel (of which 201 and 304 stainless steel plates are non-magnetic before processing). In addition, there are also uncommon cobalt, nickel, manganese, etc. The non-magnetic metal coatings on these metal substrates can be measured, that is to say, except for the four materials of iron, steel, nickel and cobalt, the other coatings on the ferromagnetic metal substrate can all be measured with Linshang painting thickness meter.

The range of non-magnetic metal substrates is relatively wide. Common types of aluminum, tin, zinc, copper, silver, chromium and so on. Non-conductive coatings are mainly a variety of non-metallic materials such as anodic oxides, paints, coatings, ceramics, enamels and plastics. (All metals are conductive).

LS221 painting thickness gauge

In short, the dual-purpose painting thickness meter is mainly suitable for coating testing on metal substrates. Among them, iron, steel, nickel, cobalt and other ferromagnetic metal coatings cannot be tested. Through our introduction, if you are still unable to determine whether your sample can be measured with a painting thickness meter , you can also contact u, tell the sample material or send the sample to us for testing.