Use Coating Thickness Tester to Measure Dry Film Thickness

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The dry film film is solid-state at normal temperature and it will only play a lubricating effect in a high temperature environment of 500 Celsius. This polycarbonate has good coating mechanical properties. And it has the characteristics of wear resistance and dielectric resistance. However, when the dry film coating is too thick or too thin, it will affect the assembly and wear resistance of parts.
       Therefore, after the construction of this material, we need to use a magnetic
coating thickness tester to check its coating thickness to ensure that the coating thickness of the material will not affect film performance. The thickness of the dry film lubricating coating is generally about 19 μm.

1. Factors affecting magnetic thickness measurement

Magnetic coating thickness tester is a non-destructive measurement instrument of coating thickness. It mainly measures non-magnetic metal substrate on magnetic metal substrate. General magnetic coating thickness testers will cause measurement errors through measurement objects, measurement methods, measurement environment and other factors when used, resulting in a certain dispersion of measurement results. Therefore, for a reliable, accurate and effective coating thickness measurement result, the dispersion of the measurement result must be evaluated. There is an uncertainty value in the measurement results, and the uncertainty value directly reflects the dispersion degree of the measurement results.

2. The principle of magnetic thickness measurement

It works by the principle of non-magnetic dry film coating on magnetic metal substrate for magnetic attraction or magnetic induction. The probe and magnetic substrate form a magnetic circuit. For non-magnetic dry film coatings, it is a magnetic gap. The non-magnetic coating has different dry film thicknesses and the magnetic flux of the closed magnetic circuit will change accordingly. It is the use of measuring the change in the magnetic attraction or reluctance of the non-magnetic dry film coating on the fixed magnetic substrate to reflect the coating thickness.

3. Linshang coating thickness tester 

coating thickness tester

LS220H Coating thickness tester measure plating thickness

It can be known from the above that the measurement of dry film lubrication thickness usually uses a magnetic coating thickness tester. In addition, the coating thickness tester is affected by the measurement method, the measurement object and the measurement environment. The measurement results are deterministic and the measurement accuracy of the instrument is high. And Linshang coating thickness tester has these characteristics.
For the measurement of dry film lubricating coating thickness, Linshang LS220H
coating thickness tester is recommended. This coating thickness tester was designed from the beginning with the magnetic and eddy current measuring principles. It has a wide range of applications. In addition to measuring the thickness of the non-magnetic coating on the surface of the magnetic metal substrate, it can also measure the thickness of the non-conductive coating on the metal substrate.
LS220H coating thickness tester has a measurement range of 0-2000 μm and a measurement accuracy of ± 3% reading +2μm. The instrument is designed with only one button and it is easy to operate. When measuring data, simply place the probe on the object under test and continue to display the measurement results. The instrument has the functions of temperature compensation and digital digitization of the analog signal. It is very convenient to ensure the stable use of the coating thickness tester sensor signal.