UV Integrator and Measuring Principle

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There are many customers who buy Linshang UV integrator. They buy our instrument to measure the intensity and energy value of ultraviolet light. Customers who purchase our products may have a better understanding of our product features, but it may not be clear what kind of measurement principle that Linshang UV integrator uses. Let's follow the editor to know the principle.

1. Why do we use UV integrator ?

Ultraviolet light sources are widely used in life or industry. For example, in nail shops, nail lights, paint curing, paper fixing, curing machines, furniture, building materials, automobile curing and so on. The curing of these materials uses ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light source has a service life. Once it exceeds the service life, the light source will be attenuated. If the attenuated ultraviolet light source is used for curing, it may cause curing failure to meet standards and produce defective products. So we need to use a UV integrator to check whether its UV light source is attenuating.

2. Linshang UV integrator Measurement Principle

 The measurement principle of the Linshang UV integrator mainly includes two kinds of single chip integrated measurement principle and intelligent single chip measurement principle.
      For the measurement principle of a single chip, no program design is required. An analog signal input is directly composed of an adjustable resistor and a sensor then by adjusting the adjustable resistor, the liquid crystal (using segment code liquid crystal) screen displays the final energy value. The design of this measurement principle is simple but not accurate enough. It only shows the energy value but not the power value.
     The intelligent single-chip measurement principle is to convert the weak current signal of the detector into a digital signal through an ADC analog-to-digital conversion chip. The single-chip microcomputer collects digital signals and can measure the power value of ultraviolet rays after being calibrated by software. Then, the energy value of ultraviolet rays can be obtained through time. The speed of the UV integrator acquisition directly determines the accuracy of this instrument.
     If the acquisition speed of a UV integrator is fast enough and it can be collected at multiple points. Then this acquisition process can be recorded to obtain a curve data graph.

3. Linshang UV integrator characteristics

LS128 UV integrator

The Linshang UV integratoris an intelligent UV integrator. According to the measurement light source, it can be divided into two categories: UV integrator for mercury lamps and UV integrator for LED lamps. For example, the LS128 UV integrator can measure energy, intensity and temperature simultaneously. The sampling speed of this UV integrator is 2048 times / second.
      The Linshang LS128 UV integrator has two measurement modes: manual mode and automatic mode. The manual mode is suitable for manual real-time measurement. The automatic mode is to set a trigger value, which is suitable for production line measurement. (If the production line conveyor belt is particularly long, it is not suitable for this measurement mode) The instrument has the following characteristics:
Large LCD screen can display temperature and intensity curve.
The instrument has a USB interface. After connecting the computer software, you can read detailed measurement data and print a test report.
This instrument has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. It can run in a high temperature environment of 100 degrees Celsius for a long time.
The instrument has fast response speed and high measurement accuracy. It can measure real-time temperature dynamically.



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