Application of UV Energy Meter in Medical UV LED Lamp Industry

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In daily life, we know that ultraviolet rays have a sunburn effect on the skin. Prolonged sun exposure will darken our skin. But you know what? Ultraviolet rays also have a role in treating skin diseases. The treatment of skin diseases with ultraviolet light is actually a kind of light therapy. This kind of light therapy is to use a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light to achieve a physical therapy or optical therapy. Because the ultraviolet light source will decay after long-term use, we must use UV energy meter to detect its light source regularly.

1. The treatment principle of ultraviolet light

 Hospitals sometimes use halogen lamps when treating skin diseases. This halogen lamp uses a specific formula to directly apply ultraviolet light of a specific wavelength to the skin according to the photoelectric effect, chemical effect and biological effect of the light quantum and pass directly through the skin to the middle layer of the dermis. This treatment is mainly to suppress the activity of antigen presenting cells while making immune T cells apoptotic, thereby reducing the dermatitis reaction on the skin surface. Improve the body's metabolic function and immunity to achieve the purpose of healing.
      More diseases can be treated with ultraviolet light. For example, neurodermatitis, chronic ulcer, folliculitis, atopic dermatitis, alopecia areata, vitiligo, hair loss, psoriasis and the like. The treatment effect for these refractory skin diseases is remarkable.
      Ultraviolet rays must use a specific band when treating skin diseases. And we must regularly use UV energy meter to detect energy in these bands, otherwise the attenuation of ultraviolet light source will not achieve the purpose of treatment. It is recommended to use Linshang LS120 UV energy meter for light source detection of these halogen lamps and high pressure mercury lamps. The spectral response range of LS120 UV energy meter is 315nm-400nm and the peak wavelength is 365nm. This product can test energy, power, temperature, time at the same time, with curve display, export data and print test reports. The measurement data is very convenient!

2. Application of UV LED in medical field

LS128 UV energy meter

 For other skin diseases we must use UV LED lamps. For example, pityriasis rosea, pleomorphic solar rash, chronic actinic dermatitis, prurigo irritans and the like. The main applications of these types of skin diseases are UVB and ultraviolet phototherapy. Especially for ultraviolet rays with an ultraviolet wavelength of 310nm, it can accelerate the metabolism of the skin, increase the skin's growth ability. It also has a strong dark spot effect on the skin.
      LED ultraviolet light can not only be used to treat skin diseases, but also can be applied to medical devices. For example curing of UV glue. The LED light source can quickly cure the UV glue of the UV light source system to form a dispensing system.
      For UV curing of UV LED lamps, it is recommended to use Linshang LS128
UV energy meter, the spectral response range of this UV energy meter is 340nm-420nm. This is a UV energy meter designed to measure the intensity of LED light sources. It is recommended to use the LS125 UV energy meter + UVB probe to detect the energy intensity of ultraviolet rays in the UVB band. The spectral response range of this instrument is 280nm-315nm. Choose a professional UV energy meter for the professional UV light source , so that the measured data can be accurate!



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