Frequently Asked Questions about UV Sterilization | UV Ligh Tester

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Short-wave sterilization UVC can be used for sterilization. The main application industries are hospitals, epidemic prevention centers, pharmaceutical factories, drug regulatory bureaus, sewage treatment centers and so on. In the following, we will introduce five major questions about UV sterilization and a UV light tester that professionally measures the radiation intensity in the UVC band.

1. What is UV sterilization?

Ultraviolet sterilization can use short-wave sterilization UVC to destroy the molecular bonds of DNA or RNA in cells of microorganisms (mainly bacteria, viruses, spores and other pathogens), make them lose replication ability or lose activity, thereby killing them and achieving sterilization. UVC germicidal lamps are mainly low-pressure mercury lamps and LED lamps. (Different types of UV light tester are selected according to different types of UV germicidal lamps. We will introduce this point in details in the fourth point of this article)

2. Advantages of UV Sterilization

   (1) Sterilization is fast and efficient. It can kill 99% -99.9% of microorganisms (including some spores and viruses that cannot be inactivated by chlorination disinfection method) in 1 to 2 seconds. In addition, it can also kill some of the algae and red worms in the water.
      (2) Broad-spectrum bacteriostasis and ultraviolet sterilization are the most widely used sterilization technologies among all current disinfection technologies.
      (3) Ultraviolet sterilization equipment is simple and requires less space. Compared to other chemical sterilization methods, ultraviolet sterilization is safer and more convenient to transport.

3. Are products sterilized by UV harmful to humans?

 UVC lamps used for ultraviolet sterilization usually work in a closed environment. The outer shell is metal packaging. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp needs to be powered on and there is no danger of leakage. Ultraviolet sterilization will not cause any secondary pollution to the product. It is suitable for all groups of people and can provide a higher quality of life for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children and pregnant women.

4. How to detect UV germicidal lamp?

At present, ultraviolet sterilization lamps can be divided into two types: low-pressure mercury lamps and LED light sources. The low-pressure mercury lamp is filled with a small amount of mercury. After the power is turned on, the electrodes emit ideas and impact the mercury gas molecules, thereby emitting a large amount of ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 254nm. In addition, a lot of other wavelengths of light are also emitted. The spectral range is wide, and the UV light testerthat measures its ultraviolet radiation intensity has the highest response to the 254nm peak.

LS125 UV light tester

The LED germicidal lamp is a single-wavelength light source. For different industries, you can choose UV LED light sources with different wavelength bands and different powers. It is also recommended to use a UV light tester dedicated to LED light sources when measuring.



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