Detection and Maintenance of UV Curing Machine [UV Energy Tester]

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UV light curing machine is widely used in industry. Its core component is UV lamp. The ultraviolet light emitted by the lamp tube can chemically react with the photosensitizer in the UV coating and UV ink to achieve instant drying and curing. Mainly used in furniture, plastic parts, crafts and other industries.
    However, the ultraviolet light source will attenuate. When the curing time is determined, once the light source is attenuated, incomplete curing will occur, which will affect the curing effect. Therefore, the
UV Energy Tester should be used to regularly detect the light source in the UV curing machine. The UV Energy Tester can be used to detect the UV energy value and irradiation intensity for a period of time. In addition, the UV light intensity curve can be used to determine the intensity distribution of the light source in the UV curing machine. Through these functions, we can also confirm various parameters of curing, such as curing time, irradiation intensity of curing lamp, speed of conveyor belt, and distance of light source from the object to be cured.

UV energy tester

In addition to the regular inspection of UV light sources, the maintenance of UV curing machines is also very important. The maintenance methods used in the process are needed to pay attention:
   1. Before opening the UV curing machine, please check for all abnormalities. If there is any abnormality, it is recommended to eliminate the abnormality before turning on the machine.
    2. Regularly clean the dust on the surface and inside of the UV curing machine to keep the equipment clean; regularly wipe the UV lamps and reflectors, and use the UV Energy Tester to detect the aging of the UV lamps. If the aging is severe, you need to replace the UV lamps with new ones.
    3. After using the curing machine, clean up the internal residues in time and prevent the equipment from getting wet.
    4. Regularly check the wiring and switches to find out if there is oxidation phenomenon, otherwise there will be excessive current due to poor contact.
    5. It is recommended to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the UV curing machine once a year, disassemble all components for cleaning and fill with lubricant.

Today, enterprises are pursuing low cost, and the depreciation of equipment is also the main source of cost increase. Therefore, the maintenance of the equipment is also indispensable. In addition, regular inspection of the light source by using the UV Energy Tester can also increase the production efficiency and create more value for the enterprise.