UV Coating Curing | UV Radiometer Puck

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UV curing technology is an emerging and environmentally friendly technology that has been popular since the 1970s. It can be used for fast curing UV coatings. It has the advantages of low environmental pollution, fast curing speed, energy saving, etc. The cured product has good performance and is suitable for high-speed and automatic production lines. While traditional coatings are volatile and cure slowly, UV coatings have become a major alternative to traditional coatings. Due to the unique technology and application advantages, UV coating has been widely used in various industries and fields such as electronic products, machinery manufacturing, metal anticorrosion, printing, etc., and is known as a new environmental protection material. We usually use a UV radiometer puck to measure the UV light source for curing UV coatings.

According to German company statistics, by 2010, the global output of UV-curable coatings has reached more than 50% of the total output of the coatings industry. They predict that new environmentally friendly UV coatings will maintain competitive edge in the next 30 years, and the market space is huge. According to the figures provided by the China Coatings Industry Association, in 1999 China's domestic coatings output was 1.8 million tons, of which 99% were traditional organic solvent coatings. With the enhancement of China's national strength and awareness of environmental protection, UV coatings will gradually replace traditional organic solvent coatings, and the market for UV coatings is very large. In fact, the domestic demand for UV coatings is also growing at a rate of 10% per year.

In the application of UV coatings, the curing process is very critical. Compared with traditional methods, the curing of UV coatings is very quickly, almost instantaneously. Only when curing reaches the standard can UV coatings take full advantage of it. One of the biggest features of UV coatings is scratch resistance. If the UV coating is not fully cured, it will be difficult to achieve its desired performance. In order to achieve the curing standard, the intensity of the light source is very important. Over time, the UV light source will attenuate, and the intensity required for curing will be not enough. The UV light sources are generally divided into two types: high-pressure mercury lamps and LED lamps. The peak wavelength of mercury lamps are 365nm, as for UV LED 365nm, 385nm, 395n, 405nm are more common. If you need to measure the light source of the curing machine, firstly we need to determine which light source we use, and then choose the appropriate UV radiometer puck.


In order to meet customer needs, Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. has specially developed UV radiometer pucks for mercury lamps and UV LED. LS120, LS130 UV radiometer pucks are dedicated to mercury lamps, with a spectral response range of 315nm-400nm, LS128, LS131 UV radiometer pucks are dedicated to LEDs, with a spectral range of 340nm-420nm, and can test any LED light source with a peak wavelength of 365nm-405nm. If you need more information about UV radiometer pucks, please call our hotline at 134-2135-6708.