Why is the newly purchased UV germicidal lamp not up to standard tested with LS126C UV Radiometer?

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Some time ago, some customers responded that they measured the newly purchased uv lamp by Linshang LS126C UV radiometer. The result shows the lamp is not up to standard. They suspect that our radiometer has something wrong. In fact, the actual situation is not necessarily the case. In fact, the reasons that the newly purchased uv lamp was not up to standard may be following:

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  1. As a professional uv radiometer supplier, we often test some uv lamps with our instruments. According to our test results, it is found that the intensity of UV germicidal lamps of many Chinese brands is indeed not up to standard. In fact, the UV intensity which is not up to standard does not mean that the UV germicidal lamp has no bactericidal effect. It only means the effect does not meet the national standard.

  2. May the case is related with the rectifier. The UV lamp requires a dedicated rectifier. We use the same lamp (PHILIPSTUV30W/G30T8) with rectifiers from different manufacturers to detect the uv lamp intensity. The data differ a lot. Therefore, different results may occur under the driving of different rectifiers using the same lamp. Therefore, in the sterilization, it is necessary to select the pair of lamps as well as the pair of rectifiers.

  3. We recommend to buy a set of PHILIPSTUV30W/G30T8 lamp + special rectifier. We use this lamp to make a test. So we can know whether it the problem of the rectifier or the instrument. It is also possible to send a lamp equipped with the rectifier to our company. So we can confirm with the test results with our UV radiometer.

If it is a problem with your lamp or rectifier, it is recommended that you use a qualified lamp with a professional rectifier. Linshang uv radiometers are strictly produced from material selection to processing to factory inspection. If it is really a problem with our UV radiometer, please rest assured that we will not shirk our responsibility. Linshang Technology has good after-sales service as follows:

  1. You can return the instrument back to us in 30 days without any reason. ( in the case that there is no human damage with the instrument)

  2. The warranty period of the instrument is one year. If the instrument fails, the whole set of instruments can be sent to the company for repair.

  3. Provide instrument inspection services for users free of charge.

  4. Provide technical support for free for a long time.

Using Linshang UV radiometer. We must guarantee your quality and quantity.