UVA LED Light Source Application in the Medical Equipment Field | UV Integrator

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UV LED light source is safe and reliable, small size with high photoelectric conversion efficiency, wide spectrum coverage, simple operation and low price. Due to many outstanding advantages, LED light sources are increasingly used in many industries. The role of LED light sources in different bands is different. UVA LED light sources are more commonly used in the curing industry; UVB LED light sources can help treat psoriasis and vitiligo. UVC LED light sources can be used for sterilization. Today, we focus on the application of UVA LED light sources in medical devices. We usually use a professional instrument (UV integrator ) to detect the intensity of the LED light source to make it achieve good curing effect.

Medical devices are very important in the medical industry. UV glue bonding makes automatic assembly of medical devices easier. Advanced UV LED light curing equipment can cure in seconds. The application of UV curing has greatly improved efficiency, so UV curing is an indispensable technology for the field of medical devices. Medical equipment mainly includes surgical instruments, diagnostics, accessories, oral materials, etc.
Surgical instruments include: surgical knives, ophthalmic surgical scissors, surgical pliers, tweezers,etc.
Accessories include: emergency equipment, ECG diagnostic equipment, laser equipment, etc.
Dental materials include: knives, model materials, filling materials, etc.

UV curing is commonly used in the assembly of needles and syringes to provide high tensile strength bonding. Seal the important connection points and irradiate the UV glue on the connection points of the medical device with the LED light source for fast adhesion. The optimization and control of UV light sources is very important for manufacturing reliable medical devices. These medical devices require high quality. Therefore, the intensity of light needs to be kept constant during the curing process, which requires the LED light source used for curing to maintain a certain intensity. If the light source decays, it does not reach the intensity required when curing. Then a good curing effect cannot be achieved and the quality of the medical device will be affected. Poor quality medical devices may cause medical accidents and endanger life and safety.

LS128 UV integrator

Therefore, we need to use a professional UV integrator to detect the intensity of the UV LED light source. Common LED light sources are 365nm, 395nm, 405nm and the LED light source is a single wavelength of ultraviolet light. Linshang LS128 LED UV integrator is the world's first energy meter for testing UV LED light sources. The range can reach 40W / cm2. Temperature and power can be measured simultaneously and the temperature and power curves are displayed. Through the power curve, we can analyze the light source distribution of LED linear light sources and area light sources to find problematic light sources. If you just need an instrument that detects LED light sources, please contact us +86 13510633052!