UV LED Curing Equipment Application and LED Dedicated UV Integrator

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  The concept of energy saving and environmental protection has been promoted globally in the past ten years. Many products are gradually upgraded or replaced with more environmentally friendly products. Ozone-free UV LED curing equipment is more efficient than traditional mercury lamp curing. Therefore, UV LED curing equipment is increasingly used. There is a tendency to replace mercury lamp curing equipment. Similarly, the birth of a dedicated UV integrator for LED light sources also provides a more professional detection approach for the process confirmation of UV LED curing equipment.
      The application fields of UV LED curing equipment and LED-specific
UV integratorsare the same. In the future, UV LED curing equipment may be more widely used to cure various UV coatings, UV glues, UV inks, etc., The use of UV integrators can also ensure the process parameters in the curing process, a dedicated energy meter for LED light sources is required. And their application fields are mainly concentrated in the use of these three materials.

1. UV coating

UV coatings refer to coatings that are cured using UV light. Such coatings will initiate polymerization after being irradiated with ultraviolet light and will form a liquid film. UV coatings do not contain volatile organic compounds, which is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with fast curing speed and good performance after curing. UV coatings are widely used in the production of cosmetics, plastic, wood flooring, PVC flooring, vacuum plating and other industries.

2. UV glue

UV glue, also known as shadowless glue, is an adhesive that must be cured by UV light. The photosensitizer in the UV glue can generate Mars free radicals or cations under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, trigger monomer polymerization and cross-linking chemical reactions. And it is the UV glue that is converted into a solid state in a short time. UV glue can bond various materials such as plastic, glass, metal, etc. It is mainly used in crafts industry, furniture industry, etc.

3. UV ink

UV inks can use ultraviolet rays of different wavelengths and energy to polymerize the internal monomers into polymers which can quickly dry and form films. The UV ink has good adhesion which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant. According to the printing technology, it can be divided into UV offset printing ink, UV screen printing ink, UV pad printing ink and UV water-based inkjet ink. The UV ink can be used in printing iron, plastic, glass, circuit board, printing and other industries.

LS128 UV integrator

With the continuous upgrading of UV LED curing technology, the use of UV LED curing equipment and LED-specific UV integrators will inevitably become more and more widespread. This is a technological progress for the curing industry. It is also an energy-saving and environmentally-conscious improvement for all humankind.