Light Transmittance Meter Application in Automotive Glass Industry

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Recently, according to many car owners, they were stopped by traffic police during normal driving on the road. Because the light transmittance of their car front windshield was too low, they were deducted 3 points and fined 200 RMB. Owing to the punishment for this reason, car owners are puzzled. Is the light transmittance of automobile glass really so important?

 1. What is the transmittance?

Before analyzing the importance of light transmittance, let's understand what the light transmittance is. The so-called light transmittance refers to the ability of light to pass through a medium. It is the percentage of the light flux passing through a transparent or translucent body and its incident light flux. So how does the light transmittance affect the automotive glass industry?

 2. Why do we use a light transmittance meter to measure the light transmittance of glass?

(1) National standards

We all know that the visible light transmittance (that is, the light transmittance) has clear regulations in the automotive glass industry. According to the national standard "Safety Technical Requirements for Motor Vehicles" (GB7258-2017), the driver's viewing area of the front windshield glass and the visible light transmittance of the part used to observe the exterior rearview mirror should be 70% or more. All window glass should not be covered with mirror reflective sunscreen. The visible light transmittance of all window glass of highway passenger cars, tourist passenger cars, passenger cars with passenger standing areas and school buses is 50% or more. Since the relevant departments of the country have made such detailed regulations on the transparency of automotive glass, it can be seen that the importance of automotive glass transparency is extraordinary.

(2) The human eye cannot accurately judge

As a transparent product, the first thing people value when choosing automotive glass is its light transmittance. However, limited by the ability of human eyes to recognize, ordinary people are unable to make accurate judgments on the transparency of automobile glass. This requires a light transmittance meter to help.

3.  The transmittance of glass is measured with a light transmittance meter

light transmittance meter test the car

When a test object such as installed car front windshield, field measurement is generally adopted. Turn on the Linshang light transmittance meter. When thelight transmittance meter shows that the light transmittance data is 100%. You can start testing. In the automobile glass production factory, the split light transmittance meter is suitable due to the two different measurement methods. Is it very intimate to design a light transmittance meter with two different usage modes? The simple operation method can quickly get started even for non-professionals who are owners. In addition, the general host size of the light transmittance meter is only 130 × 75 × 35mm, which is more convenient for users to carry. Whether it is used in the automotive glass manufacturing and testing industry, or the daily self-test of the car owner, the meter can play an important role. The light transmittance meter has high measurement accuracy, good stability. With the light transmittance meter , the car owner no longer has to worry about the car glass's light transmittance is not up to standard. And the automobile glass production factory can easily produce the standard glass.



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