How to Choose Transparent Acrylic Board? | Transmission Meter

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In life, the use of transparent acrylic boards is more welcome in the scope of horizontal comparison and the application is more extensive. So, when consumers choose, what potential factors will affect consumers' judgment? How can we accurately evaluate the light transmittance of transparent acrylic plates? Is the transmission meter really useful? Let's find out together!

I. Environmental factors

For consumers, the more practical the materials they need, the better they can be. The secondary processing that is convenient and not easy to wear is the best choice. In the past, when consumers choose, glass materials are not a few choices. However, as environmental protection issues are getting more and more attention and people are more concerned about their own safety issues, this material has not become so popular. Under the same circumstances, the transparent acrylic plate just makes up for the gap of the glass material. Compared with the glass material, the transparent acrylic plate is more convenient for secondary processing, less prone to abrasion and damage. It can be better reused after discarding. And the transmittance measured by the transmission meter is not worse than glass.

2. Factors of high and low quality

When consumers choose a transparent acrylic board, the first concern is the quality. If the quality is not up to standard, the user experience is extremely poor for the user. In recent years, merchants who have been returned and held accountable for quality problems are common. Consumers want to choose transparent acrylic board with guaranteed quality, so as to get a better user experience. 

3. Factors of value

The value of transparent acrylic board comes from how designers are designed in major application fields. Excellent design always attracts the attention of customers. The beautiful design brings good visual enjoyment, but it will make consumers lose their judgment on its essence. The judgment of high-quality transparent acrylic board mainly comes from its performance, characteristics and materials. Here, consumers should pay attention to this problem.

4. Test the light transmittance of acrylic board

Light transmittance is an important technical indicator of many optical products, such as glass, solar film, laminated glass, acrylic plate, etc. The test principle of the transmission meter is to use a visible light source to illuminate the measured substance. The sensor detects the incident light intensity of the light source. Then the light intensity after passing through the measured substance. The LS116 transmission meter uses a parallel light path design, which is suitable for detecting large thickness materials. The accuracy can reach within ± 1%.

LS116 transmission meter

   The light source of this transmission metercomplies with the CIE photopic luminosity function, ensuring that it passes the testing of the Chinese Metrology Institute. It is also one of the best tools for us to choose high-quality transparent acrylic board! The LS116 portable transmission meter can be used to test the visible light transmittance of colored glass simply and intuitively. The LS116 transmission meter has the characteristics of small measurement error, high measurement accuracy, good stability and easy operation
       In short, the quality of transparent acrylic plates should be given priority for the customers. High-quality transparent acrylic board will be the best choice for consumers. Using a transmission meter to select transparent acrylic plates will be easier!



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