Detect High-Pressure Mercury Lamps with UV Integrator

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High-pressure mercury lamps have incomparable advantages comparing to low-pressure mercury lamps in daily use. As high-pressure mercury lamps gradually come into the sight of the general public, the national standards for the quality inspection of high-pressure mercury lamps have become increasingly strict. People often need to use professional instrument-UV integrator to detect the intensity and energy of the high pressure mercury lamp.

The high-pressure mercury lamp use the instrument for ultraviolet measurement. According to the detection standard, the power of the high-pressure mercury lamp is from 250W-20KW and the spectral range is between 315nm-420nm. High-pressure mercury lamps are widely used in manufacturing, printing, printing, dyeing and public utilities.

So, is it really reliable that we use a UV integrator to detect high-pressure mercury lamps? To answer this question, we should first understand the relevant knowledge of high-pressure mercury lamps and how to use UV integrators to detect high-pressure mercury lamps.

High-pressure mercury lamps use mercury to discharge and sometimes use phosphors to enhance the effect of high-pressure mercury lamps. The high-pressure mercury lamp can quickly produce long-wave violet radiation (the main wavelength is 365 nanometers). 

When the high-pressure mercury lamp really works, there are also many factors that affect the energy, light efficiency and color rendering. Therefore, when the high-pressure mercury lamp is used in the laboratory, special attention will be paid to the control variables to make the experimental results valid.

The high-pressure mercury lamp uses advanced lighting technology. It is the first choice for industrial lighting and also very economical. Based on the above characteristics, the UV integrator we choose in different situations is also different. The parameters we want to consider should be the range, accuracy and error range.

UV integrator

According to the above requirements, the LS130 UV integratorintroduced by Linshang Technology is the most suitable for measuring high-pressure mercury lamps, both in terms of intelligent design and parameters. This UV integrator can detect the energy range between 0-999999mJ / cm2. In addition, the high-pressure mercury lamp has a huge amount of ultraviolet energy. The instrument can support simultaneous detection of energy and intensity. 

This UV integrator also has a very user-friendly feature and function, which is that it can comprehensively and intuitively display the energy value, real-time power value and maximum power value of the lamp tube to help the inspector comprehensively analyze the performance of the high-pressure mercury lamp. In addition, through the measuring time, we can also determine the UV curing time. The high-pressure mercury lamp has a lot of radiation spectrums, when we use the LS130 UV integrator for measurement, we can read the graph of the data. It is more convenient to print the test report. The spectral range of this LS130 UV integrator is 315nm-400nm.

Therefore, the detection of high-pressure mercury lamps with UV integrators is still very reliable. If you choose a high-quality UV integrator, the accuracy of the data will be greatly improved.