Seven Mistakes to Avoid when using Paint Meter for Cars

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Learning to use paint meter for cars correctly can bring huge benefits to customers. In this article, we have summarized seven major mistakes that should be avoided when using a paint meter for cars based on many years of experience.

 Learning to use paint meter for cars correctly and effectively can bring you huge benefits. Based on many years of experience in selling paint meter for cars and a summary of customer feedback, we have listed seven mistakes that should be avoided when using a paint meter for cars, as follows:
       In modern society, you need to determine every car you evaluate or need to buy. If you buy a car that has had a serious accident because of wrong judgment with the naked eye, you will directly lose thousands or even tens of thousands of RMB.
       Selling more than 10,000
paint meter for cars , we know how paint meter for cars can help you and we know that improper use of paint meter for cars will cost you money. We have already seen that paint meters bring benefits to a large number of customers, but in fact there are still a small number of people who think that paint meter for cars will waste their money.
       Avoiding these seven possible mistakes when using the paint meters will bring you huge benefits.

Mistake 1-Incorrect gestures using paint meter for cars

The paint meter for cars is not held properly. In short, you need to make the probe flush with the surface being measured. When measuring, press the probe vertically on the surface of the car. We have seen many used car appraisers tilt or shake when using paint meter for cars . If there is space between the probe and the vehicle, the reading is incorrect. Linshang LS220 paint meter for cars is designed with a groove part, just pinch the groove with your finger and then press it vertically to measure correctly.

Mistake 2-Don't believe the function of the paint meter for cars

Most second-hand car appraisers boast a wealth of experience in car inspection and tend to believe that their judgments are correct. And a small number of people look down on those who use paint meter for cars . Eventually, when they started using the instrument, they found that the data measured by the instrument was often scientifically based. So when you start using the instrument, believe it.

Mistake 3-Forget your paint meter for cars

 Without a paint meter will cost you a lot. Going to car inspection or buying a car without a paint meter is like going to the battlefield without a gun. A client once shared this story with us. He was going to buy a second-hand Lecasas from his good friend. His friends told him it was just a little paint on the engine compartment cover. The client felt that his friend was right, but when he went out, he forgot to bring the Linshang paint meter. After thinking, he decided to go home and get his instrument. As a result, a paint meter was found and the car's left front fender was also repainted, but his friend did not tell him. After discussion, he bought the car at a suitable price. Without the help of Linshang paint meter for cars, he might have to spend an extra 10,000 RMB.

Mistake 4-The battery in the instrument has not been removed when it is not applicable for a long time

   Some customers have put the paint meter into use after only using it once or twice. After a year and a half, we used it again and found that the battery was insufficient. Therefore, if the paint meter is not suitable for a long time, we recommend removing the battery.

Mistake 5-Don't understand the meaning of the reading 

Many people think that the paint thickness of cars is the same. The most common question we encounter is "How thick is the original paint for this car?" To successfully use the instrument, we must learn to measure different parts of the car. Then use the obtained data to analyze which parts of the car have been repaired. Usually there are few accidents on the roof, so we can use the paint film value of the roof as a reference value without knowing the original car paint. The original paint thickness of most cars is about 100 microns.

Mistake 6-Don’t pay attention to lower values

 If you are measuring a car with an original paint thickness of 140 microns and you suddenly find that only 110 microns is measured in one place, it may be that this part has been replaced. The body repair shop may be too thinly painted. Therefore, it is not only the paint film that is too thick that needs our attention, but the value that is too low also needs attention.

 Mistake 7-When the problem is found, the car door frame is not checked in time

When finding a painted door panel, the first thing you should check is the adjacent door frame. You will find that the thickness of the door frame of almost every car (except for a few very expensive cars) is about 1/2 the thickness of the rest of the door. If the thickness of the original car paint you are inspecting is 120 microns, the thickness of the door frame is typically 60 microns. If the door frame is repainted, you can be sure that the car has suffered severe damage.

paint meter for cars

Only after using the Bluetooth paint meter for cars will you find out how much benefit the paint meter will bring you. If you need to buy a paint meter for cars, you can choose Linshang paint meter for cars. Linshang paint meter for cars supports 30 days no reason to return. If you feel dissatisfied after receiving the goods, you can return the instrument to us without affecting the secondary sales.

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