Transmittance of Tempered Film and Selection of Transmittance Meter

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With the continuous development of the mobile phone industry, the user's perception and experience requirements are becoming higher and higher. There are certain requirements for the light transmittance of the tempered film. Compared with ordinary films, high-quality tempered film has a lower reflectance and higher light transmittance, which makes the screen colors more vivid and real. If you want to evaluate the quality of mobile phone tempered film, you can use a transmittance meter.

1. Transmittance of mobile phone tempered film

  The tempered film for mobile phones that is mainly distributed on the market use the glass as raw material. After processing by the manufacturer, it will show various optical characteristics. In order to ensure the quality of the tempered film, its light transmittance needs to be tested.
      The light transmittance of the tempered film refers to the material's ability to transmit light, which is usually characterized by light transmittance. The absorption and scattering of light by the tempered film is related to the structure, surface characteristics and other substances of the material itself.
      To measure the light transmittance of transparent materials such as the tempered film, it can be measured with Linshang light transmittance meter. This instrument is widely used in industries such as surface boards, aircraft cockpit covers, agricultural films, various food packaging films, beverages, lamps, etc., Its light transmission is an important technical indicator. For plexiglass, transparent or translucent plastic films, the light transmittance can also be used as an index for evaluating its quality and aging performance after aging.
      For practical applications, light transmittance is very important. For example, glass materials should have high light transmittance and should not be cloudy. 

2. Selection of light transmittance meter

light transmittance meter

 The light transmittance meter is also called the light transmittance tester, which can be used to measure the light transmittance test of various organic materials, glass and PC materials. At present, the accuracy of most light transmittance testers is ± 2%, but there are also more accurate light transmittance meters that can reach ± 1%. Such high-precision light transmittance meters also require higher hardware. At present, Linshang  LS108H light transmittance meter can meet all the above conditions. It is also a highly accurate light transmittance meter with high cost performance in the industry.



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