Best Coating Thickness Gauge In 2020

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For modern people, mobile phones are an indispensable necessity. Whether it is a child who is just talking or an elderly person who is slightly older, operating a smart phone is quite flexible. Among the people who use mobile phones, many people are keen to use Iphone and think that it has good performance, fast internet speed and superior appearance. So why is the Apple phone so expensive? The coating thickness gauge can tell you.

One thing we all know is that the front of the smart phone is the screen and the back is the entire coating. Most mobile phones are metal plating and a few are glass panels. The metal plating layer brings us many advantages. It can reflect the light and looks bright and clean, creating an excellent visual experience for people. Secondly, it can effectively resist scratches and abrasion, remove stains and oil stains, and prevent dust and impurities from entering the mobile phone. The superiority of the Apple phone is reflected in this aspect.

The back coating of the Apple mobile phone uses a metal plating layer, which has good water resistance. It includes protection against drops, splashes and immersion. In addition, it has certain scratch resistance and self-cleaning properties. It is worth mentioning that Iphone applied self-healing technology to the coating protective shell, which is an advanced technology originally used by Japanese company for automotive coatings. It is more resistant to scratches than ordinary varnishes. This technology can highlight the elasticity of the coating itself and also rely on increasing the resin density to enhance the scratch resistance of the back coating of the iPhone.

Therefore, the reason why the iPhone is expensive. Then it is natural to use a professional coating thickness measuring instrument to measure the coating, such as the LS223 coating thickness gauge developed by Linshang Enterprise. When measuring the coating thickness of an iPhone, zero adjustment is required.

The Apple phone has undergone a long history of change from the first to the latest generation. The coating material on the phone back has also changed dramatically, from plastic at the beginning to metal and then to alloy materials. The probe can automatically identify the material of the substrate for measurement. The LS223 coating thickness gauge probe can also complete the data collection and processing well. It is not susceptible to interference from other factors in the environment. In actual measurement work, the thickness of the silver primer on the back of a mobile phone is usually 3-5 μm, the thickness of the top paint is usually 8-10 μm and the coating thickness is usually 8-15 μm. We can use the coating thickness gauge to know where the appearance superiority of the iPhone is reflected.

In real life, consumers' problems and needs for mobile phones are undoubtedly waterproof, reflective and scratch-resistant. These have promoted the application of  coating technology on mobile phones. Professionals can evaluate the coating of mobile phones with the help of coating thickness gauges.



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