Select a Good Used Car With Paint Thickness Gauge

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Amateur buyers generally use second-hand paint thickness gauge to identify second-hand cars. A paint thickness gauge with high measurement accuracy will greatly improve the measurement accuracy.

With the continuous development of the times, one car per household has become standard. People don't just pursue the price of the car, but they have a broader vision and often consider the overall cost performance. Therefore, more and more people prefer to choose a good car in the used car market. Of course, you need an instrument to choose a car. The paint thickness gauge is the most common screening tool.
      In the mixed market of used cars, many people often paint their vehicles a second time in order to make huge profits or repaint the accident cars in order to get mixed. For many amateur home-used second-hand car buyers, they will be deceived if they are not careful. Therefore, you must do some homework in advance before going to the used car market.
      First of all, in general, car selection is also considered in terms of car paint and other hardware. Car paint is the part of the vehicle's maximum coverage ratio, which not only represents the first impression of a used car, but also is closely related to the time limit of the vehicle. Using a professional
paint thickness gauge can accurately measure the thickness of the paint film. If there is a large difference in the thickness of the paint film in different parts of different places, then it is very likely that the car has been painted and repaired, which is worthy of further investigation by the buyer. .
According to China's testing standards, the car paint film thickness is not constant, it is generally linked to the vehicle model. In addition, the specific color of the vehicle and the different detection locations of the vehicle are also the key reasons for the varying car paint film thickness. In general, we control automotive paint films between 120 microns and 180 micron. For the special parts of the vehicle's roof, door panels and front covers, the paint film thickness will be slightly different. When assessing a vehicle, professionals will select multiple areas of the vehicle for testing and finally obtain the average value of the data. This relatively avoids the risk of accidental data.
      There are quite a few people who fall into a misunderstanding, is that the thicker the paint film thickness, the better? This is of course incorrect. Excessively thick paint film can cause cracking. The longer the risk of cracking, the greater the risk of damage to the vehicle. And too thick paint film is easy to spray uneven, which greatly affects the refractive index of the vehicle's light, giving people a poor visual effect. Of course, the problems caused by too thin paint film thickness are obvious. Its protective effect is often slightly lacking.
     Therefore, those who want to buy a used car only need to control the paint film thickness of each part of the used car according to the paint film standard. Such small fluctuations must be aided by a paint thickness gauge. Modern paint thickness gauge are often integrated tools. Not only are the data accurate and simple to operate, but they are also compact and portable.
     Selecting a used car is a very cost-effective way to buy a car, but it is easy to fall into a trap without paying attention. The high-quality paint thickness gauge is convenient for amateur buyers to identify the paint film thickness of the car.

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