[Paint Thickness Tester] How to Determine Steel Paint Thickness?

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1. How to determine the thickness of steel structure anticorrosive paint ?

 If there is no special requirement for the coating thickness when designing, the total thickness of the dry paint film is generally 150 μm for outdoor and 125 μm indoor and the allowable deviation is -25 μm. The deviation error of the dry paint film of each coating is acceptable as 5 μm. Inspection method: Inspect with Linshang LS223 paint thickness tester. The main factors that determine the thickness of steel structure anticorrosive paint are: 1. Corrosion factors: generally refers to sunlight, salt spray, humidity, high temperature, alkali, Grease, etc. 2. The service life of steel structural components. 3. Types of steel structure anticorrosive paints. Different anticorrosive paints have different thicknesses. Different environments have different requirements for the paint film thickness. The normal paint thickness is 35mu, compared with 100mu of the alcohol magnetic lacquer. In summary, under the circumstances that the design institute has not given reasonable paint anticorrosive supporting requirements, it is recommended to use Linshang LS223 paint thickness tester to ensure the correct implementation of the design and the quality of the product.

2. Classification and scope of paint thickness tester

LS220 paint thickness tester: suitable for testing the second-hand car pain thickness, fast measurement, one measurement in 0.5 seconds

LS220B Bluetooth paint thickness tester: professionally used for paint thickness measurement of used cars. With Bluetooth function, the instrument can save test data through mobile phone, view test report.

LS220H paint thickness tester: The probe responds sensitively. It can automatically convert measurements on magnetic and non-magnetic substrates. The data is accurate and repeatable, ensuring that it passes the national test.

paint thickness tester

LS223: paint thickness tester + F5N3 Probe: It is suitable for coating detection in the fields of steel structure layer, ship, machinery and equipment evaluation.

We briefly introduces several Linshang paint thickness testers. Choosing a paint thickness tester is very important for design implementation and product quality, so we must choose it carefully.

3. Standard for paint thickness of steel structures

In accordance with the general technical conditions of standard steel structure fireproof coatings, the thickness of steel structure fireproof coatings is Class B: The thin coating steel structure coating thickness is generally 2 ~ 7mm and the coating thickness has a certain decorative effect. It is also known as steel structure fireproof coating. The thickness of H-type steel structure fire-resistant coating is generally 8 ~ 50mm. The density of granular surface coating is small, the thermal conductivity is poor and the fire resistance can be up to 0.5 ~ 3h. It is also called fireproof and heat-insulating coating for steel structure. Therefore, the amount of fire-resistant coating should be set according to the fire resistance limit of the steel structure. After the measurement, the coating thickness is determined to further calculate the surface area of the steel structure. The specific quantity value of the coating is given. But this is more tedious and can be simply calculated based on the amount used in the quota. 
     In summary, the above is the usage and standard of [paint thickness tester] thickness of steel structure anticorrosive paint.