Light Transmittance Test by Light Transmittance Tester

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Light transmittance refers to the ability of an object to pass through the medium. The light referred to here is mainly visible light. How much an object transmits light is related to the nature of the object. Mastering the light transmittance of the object can make the development and use of products closer to real life. An instrument that professionally tests the amount of light transmittance is called a light transmittance tester, referred to as a light transmittance meter, which can detect the light transmittance of objects of different properties.
       The light transmittance test is very important in the production of automotive film. The state has strict standards for the light transmittance of automotive films. When the light transmittance is too low, it can easily cause visual fatigue, form large dark blind areas and interfere with normal driving. In addition, the light transmittance should not be too high. The excessively high light transmittance can easily cause the reflection of strong light. The strong light has a stimulating effect on the driver's eyes. Without wearing sunglasses or protecting the eyes, the light stimuli can cause transient blindness, which can easily cause transient delays in response and cause traffic accidents.
       The light transmittance tester can only be used on the car body if the insulation film is qualified. After the light transmittance reaches the standard, the car film can ensure normal visual effects and reduce hidden dangers of traffic. In addition, the clarity of a heat-shielding film with a suitable light transmittance is also guaranteed. Objects seen through the heat-shielding film under standard light transmittance are highly overlapped with the actual object. There will be no stretch deformation. In addition, the heat-shielding film with a qualified light transmittance is generally uniform in material thickness and does not affect the normal visual field clarity. Light transmittance can also affect the weakening of strong glare, avoiding sudden strong light affecting normal driving and disturbing the driver's thinking. Therefore, in the production of thermal insulation film, if you want to produce products with appropriate light transmittance and high-end functions, you must use a light transmittance tester to detect the light transmittance of the thermal insulation film, so that the product production reaches the high-end .

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LS110 light transmittance testermeasure car window tint

The light transmittance test not only plays a role in the production of industrial commodities, but also has an impact in household products. The production of household film also needs to pass the light transmittance test of the light transmittance tester. In general, window film is usually made of solar paper and tinted glass. The transmittance of such materials is generally below 20% or even lower. However, the use of architectural film with high light transmittance, regardless of the film color, will have high clarity, which improves the comfort of the living environment. Therefore, the producer can control the light transmittance of the product to a suitable standard through the detection of the light transmittance tester according to the actual consumer demand when producing a household window film, so that the product can better meet the consumer demand. In addition, consumers can also choose according to the test results and product parameters of the light transmittance tester when choosing window film.
      The light transmittance test is very useful both in the production of automotive film in the industrial field and the selection of window film in the family life. Car films that pass the light transmittance test can reduce hidden dangers and window films can also make living more comfortable. According to the experiment of the light transmittance tester, it is suggested that the light transmittance of architectural film is preferably selected above 40%.



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