UV Equipment and UV Power Puck

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UV is short for ultraviolet. Because its energy intensity is easy to control, it has a wide range of effects. UV is applied to many devices. Among UV equipment, there are UV photooxygen equipment and UV photolysis equipment. UV photolysis equipment uses the energy of high-energy ultraviolet to perform photochemical reactions and treats pollutants through photolysis. In addition to UV photolysis of UV pollutants, UV photooxygen equipment also uses an important photocatalytic reaction to treat pollutants. It can be seen that UV photooxygen is a more advanced and more efficient processing equipment. The photocatalytic reaction requires ultraviolet radiation to the semiconductor (the most widely used semiconductor is titanium dioxide TiO2). The exhaust gas passes through the titanium dioxide grid and the pollutants can decomposed by oxidation. UV power puck is a professional measurement method and unique design to accurately read out the UV energy of UV equipment, so that the UV intensity is kept in a reasonable range.
UV equipment mainly uses the energy and fluorescence effects, biological effects, photochemical effects and photoelectric effects of UV light sources. These effects can help sterilize, excite and dissociate chemical bonds through different energy intensities of ultraviolet radiation. They can also make the molecular properties of organic matter more active and promote oxidation in the reaction. For example, the UV photolysis equipment developed by UV energy has a strong UV output power per unit area, which is stronger than traditional machines. It can greatly increase the UV transmittance and promote production efficiency. This is the application of ultraviolet light in the field of illumination and the application of UV-related technologies also includes UV photolysis oxidation technology, photocatalysis technology, ozone oxidation technology and so on. In these wide applications, as long as UV light is used, the UV energy value in the application process must be controlled. Excessive UV radiation will lead to the direct rejection of production products and direct damage to human skin. Therefore, the use of UV equipment must be checked by a UV power puck.

UV power puck

The appearance of the UV power puck is to accurately read the UV energy intensity so as to avoid the instrument generating excessively high intensity UV energy for a long time and abnormal UV energy caused by improper use. The use of UV power puck essentially detects the energy of a UV light source. The UV light source is a non-illumination light source that generates ultraviolet radiation. This type of light source is widely used in UV energy equipment, which provides great convenience for providing UV energy at any time. For example, a hospital needs a certain amount of UV energy to generate a sterile environment and the UV light source needs to be added. The portable carrying structure of the UV power puck makes it widely applicable and easy to operate during use. The energy detection of the UV light source used in the UV equipment can be performed in time and the spectral range reaches 250-410nm. The detection of UV energy by the UV power puck also enables more comprehensive application of UV technology, such as printing technology, photolysis technology, waste treatment, surface material modification, etc. These applications are inseparable from the detection of UV power pucks, so that UV technology has no worries during use.
      Linshang LS128UV power puck has obtained national patent recognition. The large liquid crystal display makes the display data clear. The measurement result data is accurate. The UV power puck keeps pace with the times and the updated features allow UV equipment to go further in UV use.