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1. Which is the best one for acrylic countertops and quartz countertops?

Quartz is a new situation. It is artificially synthesized from more than 90% of quartz crystals and resins, as well as other trace elements. The quartz countertop is a countertop whose main raw materials are broken glass and quartz sand.

Advantages of quartz countertops

(1) Not easy to be scratched. Quartz countertops are vacuum-compressed with hardness up to 7.5;

(2) High temperature resistance. The raw material of quartz stone has a high melting point, so the cabinet countertop made of quartz stone can withstand high temperatures;

(3) Not easy to change color and fade. The pigment of quartz stone is mainly based on mineral pigments, the same as natural stone;

(4) High flexibility;

(5) No harmful substances. Quartz stone has undergone multiple processes during the processing process, in which harmful substances have been removed, so cabinets made of quartz stone can be placed on top of it.

Disadvantages of quartz stone countertops

Quartzite is not weak in terms of performance, but its hardness has become a “brittleness” of quartzite itself. Because of its high hardness, quartzite is not easy to be processed. Once damaged by external forces, it is difficult to repair.
      For quartz stone countertops, people are more concerned about its price. There is no uniform price for quartz stone countertops on the market. The price is not only affected by the brand and region, but also related to the thickness of the countertop. However, due to the characteristics of quartz stone and the high processing cost, the price is generally more expensive.

2. Which is the best acrylic countertop and quartz stone countertop-acrylic countertop?

Acrylic countertops are one of the more popular nowadays. The fashionable and beautiful appearance and the features of convenient processing, use and repair have won the favor of many consumers.

Advantages of acrylic countertops

(1) High transparency. When it comes to the advantages of acrylic countertops, almost everyone who has heard of it will first think of its high transparency. After all, it has the reputation of "plastic crystal". The light transmission rate of up to 92% is comparable to glass and the decoration is naturally unnecessary to say;

(2) Strong security. Acrylic is a polymer material with excellent chemical stability and toughness. It is not as fragile as glass. Even if it is damaged, it will not form sharp fragments. Which is better, quartz stone or acrylic countertops? From this perspective, acrylic countertops are more suitable for families with children than quartz stone countertops;

(3) Easy to clean. Due to cooking, stains on the countertop are inevitable. The cleaning of the acrylic countertop is very simple. It can be easily removed by soft foam dipped in toothpaste.

Disadvantages of acrylic countertops

However, the disadvantages are also obvious. Compared with quartz stone countertops, the hardness is much inferior, so the service life is not as good as that of quartz stone countertops. Due to the special high temperature environment of the kitchen, the countertop should have good high temperature resistance performance. Both the pure acrylic countertop and the compound acrylic countertop are not good in high temperature resistance. Even the better one can only reach 120 degrees.

Acrylic sheet selection method

At present in the domestic acrylic sheet market, there are high-quality acrylic sheets, and there are also low-priced, low-quality acrylic sheets, which are obtained from recycled acrylic scraps after chemical polymerization. The quality of the plates made in this way is often poor.

window tint detector

So how to identify high-quality acrylic sheet? In fact, you can use the window tint detector LS116 for simple identification. During the test, power on the LS116 window tint detector on the bracket. After the self-calibration passes and the interface show 100%, place the acrylic sheet to be tested in the test slot. The light transmittance will be displayed immediately. If the light transmittance is greater than 92%, it means that it is a high-quality acrylic sheet.

3. Which is the best acrylic countertop and quartz stone countertop-summary?

If it is used in the kitchen, quartz stone countertops will be more durable and durable; if used in bathroom space, whether in terms of safety, aesthetics or convenience, acrylic countertops are a cost-effective choice.
      The above is about the introduction of acrylic countertops and quartz stone countertops. I hope it will help you. Which one you choose still needs to be combined with the actual situation.



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