What is the Difference between Acrylic Water Cups and Plastic Water Cups?

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1. The difference between acrylic water cup and plastic cup

First talk about the material of acrylic cup. As a new type of water cup material, acrylic has been widely used in various fields. From industrial manufacturing to home life, acrylic is everywhere. The acrylic water cups are relatively strong and durable, compared to plastic products. At first, the acrylic water cup will have a little odor, which is also relative to glass products.

Many people are now using plastic cups. Plastic cups are cheap and convenient. However, the disadvantages of plastic water cups are that they are not durable and cannot be used to hold hot water, because plastic water cups have slight effects under high temperature. Toxins are produced.

2. Acrylic Water Cup Performance

First of all, acrylic water cups have good transparency and very strong aging resistance. Acrylic water cups have a specific gravity less than half that of ordinary glass water cups, but their anti-shattering ability can be several times higher.

acrylic cup

Acrylic water cups have good insulation and mechanical strength. After heating, the compression mold can be bent into various acrylic products. The method of bonding acrylic water cups must be tailored to different needs. 

3. Acrylic cup selection method

At present in the domestic acrylic market, there are high-quality acrylics, as well as low-cost, low-quality acrylics. This is the recycled acrylic scrap, which is obtained after chemical polymerization. The quality made in this way is often bad.

4. High-quality acrylic has the following characteristics

(1) Excellent anti-ultraviolet performance, no yellowing, discoloration and cracking when used outdoors for 10 years.

(2) The light transmittance is high, greater than 92%.The section is transparent (the light transmittance can be tested by the window tint meter LS116).

(3) Excellent crack resistance and chemical resistance.

(4) The surface hardness is high, comparable to aluminum and brass.

(5) High-quality protective film provides sufficient protection.

window tint meter

So how to identify high-quality acrylic? In fact, you can use the window tint meter  LS116 for simple identification.
      We can use the Linshang LS116 window tint meter to identify the quality of the acrylic cups. The instrument has two operation methods, you can place the tested materials into the test slot and you can also take the probes down. If the light transmittance is greater than 92%, it means a high-quality acrylic water cup.



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