UV Energy Meter | Knowledge You Should Know When Buying Manicure lamps!

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Nail art is a popular cosmetic method nowadays. It can make nails more beautiful and also has a degree of appreciation. At the same time, it also has a certain protective effect on the nails. Manicure lamps are used in the manicure process. Is the manicure lamp UV? Is it harmful to people? Is it good to use led lights or uv lights? These contents are important tips for buying manicure lamps. 

1. Is the nail lamp UV?

Nail phototherapy glue must use manicure lamp, that is, nail phototherapy lamp. There are two types of manicure lamp: ultraviolet light and LED light. The main peak wavelength of ultraviolet light = 370nm, but it can have a good drying and sterilization effect.

2. Which one is better- LED manicure lamps or UV light?

UV lamp is an abbreviation of ultraviolet lamp tube, which uses the characteristics of ultraviolet rays for photochemical reaction, product curing, sterilization and disinfection and medical inspection. There are two types of nail lamps: ultraviolet lamps, another one is LED lamps. The main peak wavelength of ultraviolet rays is 370nm, but it can have good drying and sterilizing effects. Generally, a nail lamp has four lamps. Be careful not to look directly at the UV lamp. Use it according to the gel production manual or UV lamp instructions. Do not shorten or use it over time to maintain the best results. The possible reason is that the main peak wavelength is more than 380nm and few LED lights emit 370nm LED lights.

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Generally, the wavelength of the UV lamp is 365mm, which belongs to UVA, also known as aging rays. Long-term exposure to UVA will cause damage to the skin and eyes. This damage can be cumulative and irreversible. The LED light is visible light, just like ordinary illumination light, it does not harm human skin and eyes.
       Because LED light has a longer wavelength than UV light, it usually takes about 30 seconds to dry a nail, while ordinary UV light takes 3 minutes to dry. In terms of glue curing speed, LED lamps are 4-6 times faster than UV lamps. The tube of the ordinary UV lamp generates high heat when it emits light. The temperature is generally 50-70 degrees. It is easy to burn if you accidentally touch it. The LED is a cold light source and it will not have the hot feeling of the UV lamp, even if you touch the tube with your hand, it will not feel hot. At present, the price of UV phototherapy lamps and LED phototherapy lamps on the market is quite different and the price of LED lamps is higher.

3. UV nail lamp detection

UV energy meter

For UV nail lamp detection, we generally uses the Linshang LS128 UV energy meter. The spectral range is from 340nm to 420nm, the spectral concentration can be measured from 365nm to 405nm. In addition, LS128 UV energy meter has a large measurement range of 40000 mW/cm2, with a high temperature resistance of 125 ° C. It can be used in 100 ° C boiling water without any impact on the product. The most important thing is that the LS128 has a large LCD screen that can display energy, intensity, temperature, time and curve display at the same time. It also can be connected to the computer to print a test report. This is currently the only UV energy meter with these functions.