Why is the power graph of the Linshang UV energy meter only a thin line?

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Because of its powerful function and stable test data, the Linshang UV energy meter has always been very excellent in the industry.Many users will use the power graph function to analyze the distribution of light intensity in the curing oven. However,we have received feedback from customers recently:Why is the power graph a thin line of the Linshang UV energy meter?
    In order to answer the customer's question, we specially simulated the process of testing the UV energy meter in the curing oven.Then we got the power graph of only one thin line as the customer said.As shown below:

UV energy meter

How is the thin line power graph shown in the above figure measured? In fact, it is related to the measurement mode of the instrument and the irradiation time of the ultraviolet light source.
     Linshang UV energy meter manual measurement mode:
At the bottom left of the instrument display interface,there is an “M”.This “M” indicates that the instrument is in manual measurement mode. In the manual measurement mode,after pressing the “POWER” button to start a new measurement,the instrument will enter the measurement state and start recording the test time.For the long curing machine conveyor belt,it takes a long distance to reach the ultraviolet light source.Before the meter reaches the ultraviolet light source,the power value recorded by the instrument will always be 0.After passing the ultraviolet light source,it also needs to run a long distance to end the test.In this case, since the time of exposure to ultraviolet light is very small over the entire test time, the power will rapidly rise from 0 to the maximum power value and rapidly drop from the maximum power value to 0.It looks like a thin line. Because the power data in other processes without illumination is all 0.But this is only the effect seen on the display interface of the instrument.The sampling speed of the Linshang UV energy meter is 2048 times per second. If the data in this test process is exported to the excel table, there will still be a lot of data.
   Linshang UV energy meterautomatic measurement mode:

    If the above conditions are found during the test,the instrument needs to be set to the automatic measurement mode.In the automatic measurement mode,a power trigger threshold needs to be set and the instrument will start measuring only after the set power trigger value is reached.When the UV intensity is less than the set trigger value, the instrument stops measuring.In the automatic measurement mode,the curing time with ultraviolet light can be accurately recorded and the displayed power graph will look clear.

UV energy meter manual measurement mode

Application of the Linshang UV energy meter measurement mode:
    The instrument is shipped in manual measurement mode and can be used directly in manual measurement mode.The automatic mode is suitable for equipment that has a long production line and needs to run for a long time to reach the UV light source, such as a UV furnace for furniture paint curing.
   The above content is the answer to the question"Why is the power graph of the Linshang UV energy meter only one thin line?"If you have other technical problems, please call +8613510633052 for consultation!



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