Application and Choice of UV LED Power Puck

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1.  The use of UV led power puck

UV led power puck (also known as ultraviolet energy meter, UV power puck, UV energy tester, UV integrator) is an instrument used to measure ultraviolet energy. For example on printing machines. To ensure the ideal quality control during printing and drying. There are also differences in the spectral range that different brands of UV led power pucks can measure. The best sensing peak spectral output of the germicidal lamp is 365nm. The relative value of the incident UV energy is calculated during the exposure cycle. Due to the irregular radiation distribution of the light source and different manufacturers have different structural designs. In the PCB production process, one of the necessary processes is to measure UV light. A UV led power puck is needed. The traditional PCB purple light machine uses a high-pressure mercury lamp light source. Due to the high heat and high volume of high-pressure mercury lamps, with the advent of high-power ultraviolet LEDs, UV energy is used. It is a trend that the light source replaces the high-pressure mercury lamp light source for the PCB purple light machine.

2. Application of UV led power puck

UV led power puck is mainly used to measure the energy of UV dryer (UV curing) and UV exposure equipment, such as the following UV materials and technical processes: UV inks, UV coatings, UV glue, UV printing, PCB circuit board exposure, UV floor paint , UV glazing, etc. The main application principle is to add a photosensitizer to the material being cured. This photosensitizer will chemically react to a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light. If the UV energy is not up to standard, curing failure may result. Therefore, the detection of ultraviolet energy by the UV led power puck is very important.

3. Advantages of UV led power puck

As a new curing solution, UV light curing has the advantages of short curing time and environmental protection. For UV curing energy detection, an UV led power puck is used. Among domestic brands of UV led power pucks, which brand has better reputation and application? Among the domestic UV led power puck brands, the UV led power puck belonging to Linshang Technology is the most widely used. The Linshang Technology has developed uv led power pucks for mercury lamps and UV LEDs. The instrument can record the UV intensity value and temperature value in real time. Since all electronic components, such as sensors, usually age with the use of time, in order to ensure the measurement accuracy and effect, the recommended calibration period is one year.

UV led power puck

Some points to note during use:
(1) After each measurement is completed, please turn off the UV led power puck in time and put it back in the box for storage.
(2) When measuring, please do not look directly at the light source to avoid exposed skin from strong light radiation;
(3) Please avoid placing the LCD screen in strong light or high heat environment during measurement.
(4) Please avoid shaking the instrument frequently or breaking it;