Spectrum Transmission Meter | Application of PC Sheet in Construction Industry

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PC sheet is also called polycarbonate sheet. It is an engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive properties. It has outstanding physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. Because of its many unique advantages in construction, once it was launched, PC sheet quickly became the "new darling" of the building materials industry. Let's take a closer look at the PC board.
       At present, the widely used PC boards on the market are mainly the following: PC sunshine board, PC endurance board, PC tile.

PC sunlight board is generally mainly used for daylighting and thermal insulation. In addition, its flexible and impact-resistant characteristics have led to a wider range of applications. The most important daylighting applications are covering materials for agricultural greenhouses, ecological restaurants and other places. Among them, double-layer solar panels and four-layer solar panels, plus anti-fog technology, are the best covering materials for agricultural greenhouses. Another extension of daylighting is architectural daylighting, such as stadiums, building buildings, roofs, etc. Generally, considering the impact resistance, thermal insulation and service life issues, hollow solar panels with four layers, honeycomb or more complex structures are generally used.
The lighting application part of the PC endurance board is overlapped with the sunlight board, including agricultural greenhouses, ecological restaurants, building lighting, curtain walls, etc. The disadvantage of the endurance board is that the price is much higher than the sunlight board. Because the PC solid endurance board has a lot of properties that are stronger than the sunlight board, including lighting and impact resistance. It is far superior to the sunlight board, so its derived applications are more abundant than the sunlight board, including lighting hoods, sound insulation walls, sound insulation covers, light diffusion advertising light boxes.

spectrum transmission meter

The PC board has a light transmittance of up to ninety percent, which is comparable to glass. PC coated board will not produce yellowing and fogging when exposed to sunlight. After ten years, only one-tenth of the light transmission rate was lost and the highest was only 20%. A large number of lighting ceilings used in construction units can be measured with the spectrum transmission meter LS108H. Linshang spectrum transmission meter LS108H can measure infrared and ultraviolet transmittance when measuring the transmittance of PC board. 
       Although the price is high, the PC endurance board known as "unbreakable glass" and "bulletproof and anti-theft" has many incomparable advantages such as high impact resistance and high transparency. In the near future, perhaps this outstanding new emerging environmentally friendly boards will enter every of our homes and become an indispensable building material.



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