The Necessity of UVC Light Meter

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In an ever-growing society, people are more and more eager to pursue high-quality living standards, more and more eager to live in a safe environment. Sterilization becomes very common in our life.

Many disinfection appliances and disinfection methods are very common in our daily life, such as sterilizing tap water with bleaching powder, sterilizing with high-temperature cooking and filtering to achieve the purpose of sterilization. In addition, the method of radiation sterilization has gradually come into the public's attention and has been paid attention and used by people. Ultraviolet sterilization is a type of radiation sterilization. Compared with other sterilization methods, ultraviolet sterilizers have many advantages such as colorless, odorless and no chemical substances left behind. They have become the preferred choice for sterilization and disinfection in the medical and food industries.

Ultraviolet sterilizer directly uses deep ultraviolet with high photon ability to destroy viruses and bacteria, so that they can no longer continue to reproduce. In order to achieve the purpose of sterilization. But it is precisely because UV has the advantages of colorless and odorless, when using ultraviolet sterilizer, it will also cause some problems.

People cannot directly feel the disinfection effect during use. At the same time, the intensity of the ultraviolet light source will gradually weaken over time, or the surface of the light source is covered with stains, etc., which prevents the ultraviolet disinfector from functioning properly and lose the sterilization effect. At this time, it is necessary to use an UVC light meter. For the UV energy calculation, we can read "How to Calculate UV energy and intensity by UV integrator?" to more details.

uvc meter
uvc meter

An UVC light meter is a measuring instrument used to monitor the intensity of ultraviolet rays of UVC bands in ultraviolet appliances. It can monitor the UV intensity in real time to ensure that the level of UV sterilization and disinfection reaches the corresponding standards. And the operation is quick and simple, which has become the common choice of most people.

When using UVC light meter, first place the instrument to one meter below the ultraviolet lamp. Then press the switch button, turn on the UV lamp when there are no people in the room to prevent people from being injured by radiation due to the UV lamp. After about five minutes, turn off the UV lamp. The instrument dial of the UVC light meter will display the intensity of the UV radiation it monitors. Based on this data, it can be determined whether the germicidal lamp can continue to be used. If the data does not meet the standard, it needs to be returned to the manufacturer for repair.

Pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus is still raging across the country. At present, people's demand for sterilization and disinfection equipment is still increasing. When purchasing ultraviolet disinfection equipment, it is necessary to choose an UVC light meter, so that there is no worries. It is believed that with the assistance of the UVC light meter, the new coronavirus will be eliminated as soon as possible. We hope the life of all people in the world will get to normal as soon as possible!

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