Tint Meter | How to Test the Window Tint?

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The automobile film is mainly used for insulation of heat and ultraviolet ray, but the light transmittance of many cars after filming is very low. According to the standard in "Safety Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation", the front windshield of the car and others are within the driver's line of sight. The visible light transmission rate of the glass shall not be lower than 70%. The visible light transmittance of all the window glasses of the passenger car, such as a passenger car or a school bus, having an aspect ratio of 0.9 or less, shall not be less than 50%. Therefore, the vehicle tube needs to use professional equipment for testing. This article will mainly introduce the use method of the special tint meter for the vehicle tube and some precautions.
     The tint meter for the vehicle tube is usually composed of two parts, one part has a built-in visible light source and the other part is a receiver. The transmittance is calculated by the original light intensity of the light source that is received by the receiver and the light intensity after being blocked by the automobile glass. The calculation formula is: light transmittance = light intensity/original light intensity received after being blocked by the glass.
      Taking the Linshang LS110 tint meter as an example, let us introduce the use of the special tint meter for this vehicle tube.

1. Tint meter calibration

The vehicle management system belongs to the state-owned institutional unit. The purchased tint meter needs to be sent to the formal metrology institute for calibration and obtain an authoritative certificate. Otherwise, it cannot be used as a formal law enforcement basis. (Note: It is recommended that the vehicle management unit should send the tint meter for inspection itself. If the tint meter supplier sends it for inspection, it will generate unnecessary expenses.)

2. Preparation before starting the tint meter

The Linshang LS110 tint meter has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. After the package is opened, the main unit and the auxiliary unit are placed separately. The main and auxiliary machines need to be closed. The machine is turned on without any material to be tested. After the instrument is turned on, it will take a few seconds to start the self-test process. After the process is completed, the screen will show 100% light transmission. (Note: we should press power button of the main unit and the auxiliary unit of the instrument at the same time to start measurement)

3. How to test the window tint with tint meter?

When the instrument displays 100% transmittance, it means that the slave can receive all the light from the host light source. When detecting, the main and auxiliary machines need to be placed on both sides of the front windshield of the car. Due to the built-in magnet, the instrument can be attached to the glass. On the glass. (Note: In order to test the accuracy of the data, it is recommended to align the laser point on the upper and lower sides of the sub-machine to the cross center of the upper and lower parts of the main unit before reading)

tint meter

How to use the tint meter 
      As can be seen from the above figure, the front windshield light transmittance of this car is 62%, which is in line with the "Safety Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation" standard.

4. Save the transmittance of the window tint 

The data lock function of the instrument can be turned on by pressing the “HOLD” button on the main unit, so that even if the instrument is taken off the front glass, the data remains on the screen. This function is more suitable for photo archive.
     The above is the use method of the special tint meter for the vehicle tube and some precautions. The operation can be said to be very simple and easy to understand. If you would like to ask for more details, please contact us through the contact information on the website of Linshang Technology.



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