UV LED Curing Exposure Machine and UV Energy Meter

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The UV LED curing exposure machine is a device that transfers the picture information on the film or other transparent body to the surface coated with the photosensitive material. The exposure machine has very high requirements for this curing time. Usually, the exposure machine uses the usual ultraviolet light source, but the UV LED curing exposure machine uses the UV LED ultraviolet light source with the UV LED chip as the illuminant. The uniformity and stability of the light source will directly affect the exposure effect of the product. If the uniformity and stability are not good, it will lead to overexposure in some areas or underexposure in some areas. An UV energy meter is needed to directly monitor whether the energy reaches the standard during the exposure process.

1. UV LED curing exposure machine application

UV LED curing exposure machine are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, optoelectronics, printing platemaking, flat panel, radio frequency microwave, diffractive optics, micro-electromechanical system, bump or flip chip equipment and other skills request for precision printing and precision alignment. The energy emitted by the ultraviolet light source will gradually weaken with the time of use. If the light source intensity attenuates, the exposed product won’t receive uniform energy. The image information cannot be transferred. Therefore, the UV energy meter can be used for the energy detection of the exposure machine.

2. UV LED curing exposure machine advantages

  1. The application life of LED chips in UV LED curing exposure machine is very long, usually more than 30,000 hours.

  2. The energy required for the LED light emission of the UV LED curing exposure machine to reach a certain brightness is only about 15 watts, while the traditional lamp consumes 1500 watts of energy to reach the same brightness. Even compared with the UV halogen lamp, it can also save energy 80 %. So UV LED lights are very energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Linshang UV energy meter is a truly intelligent ultraviolet measurement instrument. During the test, the energy, power, temperature, time can be tested at the same time. And the temperature and intensity curve can also be generated.

  3. High safety. The UV LED curing exposure machine has no UVC rays, no ozone emission.

  4. The light emitted by the UV LED chip is not infrared heating and the heat released is low, so it will not affect media that are simply deformed by heat (such as foam plastic board, foil film, PVC, etc.) during the printing process. In this way, the application scale of the media is more extensive. The attenuation of the ultraviolet lamp used in the exposure machine will reduce the intensity of ultraviolet rays, so it is necessary to use an UV energy meter to detect whether the ultraviolet irradiation meets the exposure requirements within a period of time.

    UV LED energy meter

Exposure machine UV energy meter LS131 is very useful for testing the UV light source in the exposure machine. In addition, the UV energy meter LS131 also has many powerful functions. It is commonly used in various band UV LED power and energy detection in various industries, such as 365nm, 395nm, 405nm and so on. The UV energy meter LS131 can also calculate maximum value, real-time value of power and display the power variation curve of the light source over a period of time. An UV energy meter can read out multiple values of the UV light source in the exposure machine.