UV Energy Meter | UV Dryer Function

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Ultraviolet refers to the radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum with a wavelength from 10nm to 400nm, which cannot cause people's vision. In 1801, the German physicist discovered that the outer part of the purple end of the sunlight spectrum can make the photographic film containing silver bromide sensitive, so he discovered the existence of ultraviolet rays.

Short-wave ultraviolet light, that is, ultraviolet light with a wavelength in the range of 200-280nm. This wavelength has a bactericidal effect and a destructive effect on human cells. Low-pressure mercury lamps contain this kind of light more abundantly. The energy of the high-pressure mercury lamp for curing is concentrated between 280-400nm. The specific energy can be detected using an UV energy meter, which has less light. Irradiation of skin with light in this band will cause epidermal necrosis and even destroy skin regeneration follicles. As long as you wear very thin, densely woven gloves, you can block the ultraviolet rays.

Strong ultraviolet light for curing can damage the eyes and skin. The 80W / Cm curing lamp emits white light, which is stronger than the welding machine. If you look directly at it, you will feel dazzling. It is generally not dazzling to see the reflected ultraviolet light bluish, but long-term fixation is also harmful to the eyes. However, the UV dryer is conducive to the processing of products, such as parts painting drying, product mold plating color curing.

UV energy meter

There is a curing and drying principle machine based on ultraviolet performance in the ultraviolet dryer. It has the characteristics of fast curing and drying, easy operation. The light source in the UV curing machine will decay after being used for a period of time. At this time, it is necessary to use the UV energy meter LS131 to determine whether the light source is still valid. It is necessary to replace the ultraviolet germicidal lamp in time.

Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of less than 210nm pass through the air and produce ozone. The allowable concentration of ozone is 0.15mL / Lo. Below this value, ozone has a bactericidal effect and can eliminate respiratory bacteria. However, ozone can’t be inhaled for a long time, otherwise it will cause respiratory mucosal lesions. Therefore, we need to pay attention to some precautions when using:

The first is to prevent the ultraviolet light of the ultraviolet dryer from leaking. The ultraviolet light that can’t be blocked should be reflected more than 3 times and released. In order to prevent ozone, we can use a fan with a reasonable air intake to suck out the ozone near the lamp.

The photosensitizers, sensitizers and thinners in the photocuring materials of the UV dryer are all comparative substances with different wavelengths of UV sterilization ability, which have different degrees of stimulation on human skin. If you touch the skin when using it, wash it with soap immediately, especially in summer.

When using an ultraviolet dryer, there are many factors that affect the curing effect, which breeds a lot of equipment around the UV curing industry. Among them, the light source intensity is particularly important. The UV light source will decay after being used for a period of time. At this time, it is necessary to use the UV energy meter LS131 to determine whether the light source is still valid. If the light source is attenuated, the curing machine will run with half the effort.

The UV energy meter LS131 can record the intensity value and temperature value of UV in real time. During the timing of up to 4 minutes, a total of 6W data is recorded. The situation of the UV dryer can be seen very clearly. You can also connect to a computer to print out the data。