UV Printing Machine Pros and UV LED Energy Meter

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In the printing industry, light curing is a relatively advanced technology, mainly UV curing. The rest are infrared light and visible light curing. To improve the photocuring efficiency of ultraviolet rays, an UV LED energy meter is often used. UV printer can be used for color photo printing on sliding surfaces, cabinet doors, sliding doors, glass, plates, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather and other surfaces. It can be printed directly without plate-making. It is rich in color, wear-resistant, UV-resistant, easy to operate and fast to print images, fully in line with industrial printing standards.

1. Advantages of UV printing machine

(1) Improve product performance

UV printers are suitable for most products. UV printing has clear dots, good tone reproduction, bright ink and high printing consistency. At the same time, because the UV curing process is a photochemical reaction process, the ink layer and the varnish layer have the advantages of adhesion, durability, water resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance. In the UV printing industry, light curing is a relatively advanced technology, mainly UV curing. The rest are infrared light and visible light curing. Linshang UV LED energy meters can help improve the efficiency of UV light curing.

(2) Green and environmental protection

The curing system of the entire UV printer is a solvent-free system, 100% solvent-free formula, free of VOC, suitable for today's environmental protection requirements, which is another important feature of UV curing inks. Since UV inks cure to a solids content close to 100%, they are almost free of VOC (organic volatiles). There is no or almost no volatile organic compounds during the curing process. It will not cause harmful environmental pollution, reduce waste, save energy and do not have to worry about handling harmful flammable and explosive items, it is an environmentally friendly ink. It should be noted here that when we use UV printers, we need to constantly use UV LED energy meters to detect whether the energy of UV printers reaches the standard.

(3) Fast curing

The ink of the UV printer can only be dried under ultraviolet light. Even if the ink is stored for a long time, its performance will remain stable in the ink tank and no skin will form on the ink roller. Once irradiated with ultraviolet light, the ink can be dried instantly. Generally, it can be completely dried and fixed on the substrate surface in only 1 / 10S. Traditional thermosetting inks and sheet-fed offset printing inks may take several minutes or even days to dry completely. Therefore, the printing work using UV-curable inks is short-lived, comparable to flexo and gravure printing. It greatly improves the printing production efficiency. In the process of UV printing, the intensity and energy of ultraviolet radiation play an important role in the entire light curing effect. The stable intensity can improve the quality of the light curing product. It is very necessary to detect the intensity and energy of curing with a UV energy tester.

In addition, the uv printer technology allows the print head not to directly contact the printing material, making the printer suitable for more materials. Since the uv flatbed printer has been put on the market, it has received wide acclaim, involving more than a dozen industries. With the increasing awareness of national environmental protection, UV-curable inks, as green environmental protection products, have great development prospects. It has also driven the application of UV LED energy meters in this industry.

2. UV LED energy meter

UV LED energy meter

Linshang UV LED energy meter is an UV LED energy meter manufacturered in China that can test energy, power. It can also display time, power curve, export data and print test report at the same time. Linshang UV LED  energy meter can be comparable to the US EIT UV energy meter and the Japanese ORC UV energy meter. Linshang UV LED energy meter is widely used in UV exposure, UV glue curing, UV ink curing, UV digital printing, optical communication, UV 3D printing and other fields. Linshang Technology has also invented UV energy meters suitable for testing high-pressure mercury lamps, halogen lamps, gallium lamps, iron lamps, xenon lamps, etc.