UV Radiation Meter Test UV LED Light Sources

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1. Linshang UV radiation meter

We use the Linshang LS128UV LED radiation meter to detect the energy of the UV LED light source is relatively reliable, this is a special instrument used to detect the ultraviolet intensity of this light source. Its spectral response range is 340nm-420 nm, which is consistent and stable with corresponding UV curing equipment.

During the related inspection and maintenance of UV LED light source of UV curing equipment, Linshang LS128UV LED radiation meter can be used to test its maximum efficiency.

2. Performance of UV LED light source

Compared with the traditional ultraviolet curing light source-high-pressure mercury lamp, UV LED is a cold light source. There is not much heat to the cured product, so the cured product does not have any deformation and melting problems. We use UV LED cold light sources to save costs and to be more environmentally friendly. On the other hand, we also value their strong applicability. The following are the most common advantages of UV LED light sources.

(1) Main band

UV LED cold light source curing bands are about 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm, etc. The detection requirements of each energy band are different, we often use UV radiation meter for ultraviolet intensity measurement.
       UV LED cold light source is pure in the ultraviolet band and has high curing efficiency when used in UV curing equipment. Compared with ordinary high-pressure mercury lamps, it has high uniformity and output rate. It will not deform the tesed product by a high degree of heat radiation, nor will it cause the product to shift.

(2) Pure ultraviolet band

The main difference between the UV LED cold light source and the traditional curing light source is that it has a single operating band and can maximize the radiant energy. The traditional curing light source has a wide ultraviolet spectrum. The energy value that is actually used only takes up a small part of it. UV LED light source has no excess heat radiation and no infrared radiation in actual work. It can control the temperature of the irradiated item below 5 degrees Celsius.
       When we use a UV radiation meter to measure, it will be easy to find that the UVLED light curing machine uses lamp beads to emit light, without impurities and harmful substances. When it is irradiated, the output value of ultraviolet light can reach an intensity of 8600mw / m2, which can be said to optimize the related intensity output.

(3) Low energy consumption

We are used to comparing UV LED light sources with traditional curing light sources. UV LED cold light sources consume less energy, only about 20% of the latter. However, the luminous efficiency of the UV LED cold light source is extremely high, which can reach more than ten times that of the latter. When put the UV LED light sources into use, it can greatly save time, improve efficiency and also guarantee the curing effect of the product. According to the special optical design of the UV LED light source, it can realize basic standby without power consumption and shutdown without power consumption.

(4) Long service life

UV LED cold light source is a kind of point light source, its temperature is low. From the analysis of modern technology, it can accelerate heat dissipation, reduce losses and drive more quickly and conveniently. Therefore, the service life of UV LED cold light sources is extremely long, even reaching 3,000 hours.