Why do We Need Coating Thickness Gauge?

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Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, especially the development of machine vision technology in recent years, people have higher requirements on the surface of flawless object films. Coating thickness gauges are also progressing towards intelligence, multi-function and high precision. High-precision coating thickness gauge is produced under such demand.

The application fields of high-precision coating thickness gauges are very wide. The following is a brief presentation on the two aspects of car paint thickness measurement and floor thickness measurement.

First, the inspection of car paint surface galvanized layer requires a high-precision coating thickness gauge. Generally speaking, the original paint has uniform thickness due to construction process problems and the error is very small. When inspecting a car or evaluating the use of the car, we can use a high-precision coating thickness gauge to detect the coating thickness value of a certain part. Then compare it with other parts, combined with other relevant usage data. We can determine whether the component has been replaced according to the measured paint thickness, providing users with accurate and user-friendly recommendations for buying used cars. Most of the appearance coverings that need to be replaced have not been painted before they are taken. After installation, the majority of the replacement coverings paint thickness is almost in the range of the normal cover or below their value. According to the measurement results of the high-precision coating thickness gauge, it is also possible to judge the scratching strength of the used car. Then estimate whether it affects the use and safety. Using high-precision coating thickness gauges, you can have a basic understanding of the condition of used cars.

Second, the coating thickness gauge is also a high-precision coating thickness measurement device. It is an essential facility in engineering testing instruments. In the process of evaluating building safety, the thickness of cast-in-place floor slabs and walls is the main consideration. According to the needs of the building, for the floor slab, the wall thickness is mainly detected by non-destructive detection technology. The emergence of high-precision coating thickness gauges greatly meets the needs of the detection field for high-precision, non-destructive testing and measurement methods. The high-precision coating thickness gauge can not only measure the thickness of various pipes and pressure vessels in the processing equipment, monitor their thinning level after corrosion in the application link, but also measure all kinds of plates.

high precision coating thickness gauge

Linshang LS223 high-precision coating thickness gauge uses advanced digital probe technology, so that the coating thickness measurement data is accurate and provides accurate recommendations for production. The design method is user-friendly and easy to operate, eliminating complicated and tedious operation steps. For coating thickness measurement that require high accuracy, Linshang LS223 high-precision coating thickness gauge is a worthy choice.

The non-destructive method is used to detect the thickness of the measured object through a high-precision coating thickness gauge. The high-precision coating thickness gauge has a fast inspection speed, which can make a large number of inspections cost-effective in the inspection field.