Vacuum Online Light Transmittance Meter in Gold Foil Industry

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Gold foil is a thin piece made of gold. The use of gold foil is very extensive, such as: hotels, temple Buddha statues, gold plaques, tile mosaics, handicrafts, gold foil paintings, gold foil books,gold foil stamps, etc.Gold foil has very strict requirements in its thickness during the production process. Gold foil is produced in a vacuum environment and vacuum online light transmittance meter is required for thickness monitoring.
    Gaotai gold foil is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of various gold foil products and gold sheets.Using the latest nano-patent technology,it will sputter 9999 gold into various special forms in the form of vacuum sputtering.The surface of the membrane,thus producing a gold layer containing gold 999 ‰ to meet the needs of various high-end gift production of gold film.In the production process of gold foil,the vacuum online light transmittance meter produced by Linshang Technology is used to monitor the thickness of gold foil on-line in real time,ensuring that the customer can guarantee the gold sheet with the specified gram weight above the positive tolerance within the specified product size.The picture below shows a set of 9-point vacuum
online light transmittance metercustomized by Gaotai gold foil.

LS152 online light transmittance meter

The transmittance (optical density) of the material is proportional to the coating thickness.The vacuum online light transmittance meter uses the transmittance principle to monitor the material's uniformity and coating thickness by monitoring the optical transmittance (optical density) of the material.The main performance characteristics of the vacuum online light transmittance meter are as follows:
    1.It has RS485 communication interface, supports MODBUS communication protocol.It can communicate with man-machine interface, PLC,computer software,etc.,real-time online monitoring to improve production results.
     2.The instrument has dual RS485 output and it can communicate with the man-machine interface at the same time.It can also realize closed-loop control with PLC communication and strictly control product quality in the production process.
     3.The upper and lower limits of transmittance (optical density) can be set.When the thickness of the plating exceeds the set upper and lower limits during the production process,the prompt ringtone can be issued.Production personnel can then adjust the process parameters.
     4.With temperature compensation,data stability, suitable for the complex vacuum environment of the winding vacuum coating machine. 
     5.Length,width,test points are completely tailored according to customer needs and provide users with free test sample services.
     At present,Linshang vacuum online light transmittance meter is widely used in vacuum coating equipment industry,optical film production industry,gold foil manufacturing industry.



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