Linshang Window Film Transmission Meter Makes Measurement Easier

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  With the improvement of people's living standard, people's consumption consciousness is getting more and more rational and professional. For example, a professional window film transmission meternot only needs to meet the functional needs of customers, but also to meet the aesthetic needs of customers, from the appearance, line to the parameters and functions, none of these are not evaluation standard of customers. According to the needs of customers, our window film transmission meter has been constantly upgraded and researched, the intention is to make measurement easier.

Window Film Transmission Meter

  The window film transmission meter manufactured by Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. is widely used in solar film, glass, heat insulation coatings, organic materials, light source and other industries, it is used for sales, exhibition, production monitoring, construction, quality testing and etc. Customers often encounter the following two problems when choose a window film transmission meter:
  1.Why the window film transmission meters should be divided into infrared 950nm and 1400nm two bands?
  In the sun, the infrared spectra is between 760-2500nm, There is no way to simulate the light source of sunlight. So we can only select a few representative test points to do the test, in the near-infrared region we selected the 950nm Infrared band, in the mid-infrared region selected 1400nm infrared band.
  2.How the customer choose the right
window film transmission meteraccording to their solar film ?
  Solar film production process determines the spectral curve, the general absorption film (such as IR high insulation film)was added 950nm absorbent, so it’s the best barrier to 950nm infrared. The metal magnetron sputtering film has good barrier effect in infrared 1400nm infrared. If you want to buy a Linshang window film transmission meter to do a test, you need to according to the solar film characteristics to choose the appropriate instrument. In addition, we can use the solar film lamp to determine whether the selected solar film is a metal film.
  We believe the technology integrity, research and development capabilities and product quality of Linshang Technology have been recognized by the industry. Welcome customers to visit our company and give us more guidance.



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