How to Correctly Use Tint Meter?

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   Some time ago, one customer responded with two questions when using the LS181 tint meter for sale.

1. Problems when using LS181 tint meter

  1. The data of the LS181 is inaccurate and unstable. There are deviations about 5% when the material is placed on the left and right.

  2. The data will also jump when using under strong light.

LS181 tint meter for sale

2. Why will the above problems occur?

The LS181 tint meter for sale is an upgraded version of the old LS101. It upgrades the light source and power supply mode. The parallel light design avoids the refraction of the scattered light source. It is more accurate when testing thick materials and has a wider card slot. 5v power supply is also recognized as the most stable power supply method in the world and the tint meter can be used in most of the charge pal on the market.
      Open the customer video and watch, the customer is moving back and forth with the film in the middle of the LS181 card slot. In fact, this situation is normal, the test card slot of the LS181 is relatively wide, the customer's hand is shaking and the solar film is softer. So the measured data must be jumping back and forth. 
      When tested under strong light, the data will also jump. That is because the optical instruments are sensitive. In the strong light or the ash inside the light hole will affect the data accuracy, so the measurement environment is very important. So, it is normal for these problems when the customers use this tint meter. If you have any other questions when using LS181 tint meter, please feel free to contact us at



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