The Custom Process of Window Film Measuring Tool

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  Recently many customers have customized our window film measuring tool, A few days ago a Japanese customer has ordered 100 piece of LS162A window film measuring tools with their own LOGO.So if our customers need to customize products with their own LOGO,what should they provide us and what customized options our company have , today I will give a detailed description of the custom process for window film measuring tool.

LS162 Solar Film Transmission Meter Paper Box

  Most Linshang transmission meter have three light sources, which can simultaneously test the visible light transmittance, the ultraviolet rejection rate and the infrared rejection rate. Common customized products are the following several kinds.
  1. Pocket window film measuring tool: LS160 and ls160A window film measuring tool, the slot width is 0.8mm, can be used to test the window film, insulation film and other thin materials.
  2. Portable window film measuring tool: LS162 and ls162A window film measuring tool, the slot width is 8mm, can directly test filmed glass and windshield.
  If our customers need to change Linshang LOGO to their own LOGO,please take the following points into consideration.

LS162 Solar Film Transmission Meter

  1. The sticker on the front surface of instrument (with Linshang LOGO)
       We will provide a design drawings in AI format, the color, style and words on the stickers can be designed by yourselves. Please choose the standard PANTONE color and mark the color number in the design drawing.

  2. The small sticker on the back of the instrument and the warranty card (with Linshang LOGO)
       No sticker and no warranty card for the customized products.

  3. The paper packing box and the dustproof bag (with Linshang LOGO)
       The packaging boxes and bags are all neutral packaging, No word and No pattern

  4. The User Manual (with Linshang LOGO)
       No brochure user manual, but we can print the paper version of the user manuals.

  5. The boot screen for LS160 and LS160A window film measuring tool (with Linshang LOGO)
       We can replace our LOGO by customer’s LOGO

  6. The MOQ for customization
LS160 and LS160A window film measuring tool: 200pcs.
            LS162 and LS162A window film measuring tool: 100pcs.

  Thank you for your recognition and trust to Linshang Technology, We are also eager to receive your valuable suggestions.



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